Friday, July 4, 2008

Mommy Gave Him a Haircut


Remember how I mentioned in the last post that I would be taking Dolce to the groomer to have his hair cut? You know, because his mats were so bad?

WELL. I decided to try grooming him myself. So I just cut a couple of little mats out and he ended up with a few bald spots. :) ha! I pretty much decided that doing it myself wasn't such a good idea after all and I called the groomer.

Here's how the conversation goes:
Groomer: Karen's Groomers!
Sylvia: Hi, I need to make an appointment for my Maltese puppy.
Groomer: Okay, what days and times do you have available?
Sylvia: Well, I work until 4 monday-friday so if you have anything late afternoon that would be ideal.
Groomer: Sorry but I never stay until 4. What time do you go in in the morning?
Sylvia: At 7.
Groomer: Sorry, I don't come in until after 7.
Groomer: Do you want to bring him in the morning and pick him up at lunch?
Sylvia: Well I live out in Spring Creek, that would be pretty difficult to do especially since you don't open until after I'm already at work.
Groomer: Hmmm.
Sylvia: You know what? Don't worry about it. I'll figure it out myself.

How annoying is it that her hours are from like 8-3 and she refuses to work around anyone's schedule?? Must be nice!! It seems incredibly silly for me to miss work to take my dog to a groomer. Mike told me not to give her any of our money, which I hadn't planned on doing anyway. The only other groomer in town is also a boarding kennel and everyone we know that's sent their dog(s) there have come home with kennel cough (the dogs not the owners :-)) I wasn't about to send Dolce there to come home sick and have to go to the vet and get antibiotics.

So, I tried it myself...AGAIN!!!! *BIG GRIN*

And now my beautiful Maltese is an ugly puppy!!! It totally looks like I just picked him up from the pound with Mange or something.

You can't give me too hard a time without considering that I don't have a grooming table with a noose (or whatever they're really called) and that he was wrestling with my hands the entire time I was cutting his hair!! If you look at the picture very closely, you can see that it looks like I gave him the doggy version of a bowl haircut. Not quite sure how that happened but I did start with his belly and sort of worked up the sides. Pretty sure now that's not how you're supposed to do it. And I couldn't blend it without going shorter and shorter. So Mike told me to leave it alone and let it grow out so we can have a groomer fix it later. That is after he laughed hysterically at the both of us when he got home yesterday. I guess we'll just have to take Dolce to petsmart the next time we're out of town :-) haha

Now that I've set up my can go see the pictures. :-) lol
My poor puppy....

Mommy made him ugly!!

Oh, and Mike told me I was never allowed to cut his hair. :)


Lizzie Fish said...

i don't know the first thing about puppies or grooming but your little dolce is SO CUTE with or without your grooming experiment!

reinaknits said...

Hi my name is Reina "reinaknits" name here.
I live in Las Vegas NW side of town.
I have a cutie pie maltese"Lexi"..her pic is here about 13 days ago posted.
I think Dolce's hair cut is very cute. Cute pup.
I knit, crochet, cross stitch, read.
I am making a throw on the diagonal~and knitting a pr of socks.
Congrats on getting into knitting you will love it alot.
What are you making now?
Hugz, reinaknits