Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Impressions

ARE HUGE. I don't think I realized this so much before, but I hold a grudge. I admit it, I do. So don't make a bad first impression with me because I won't forget it.

I'm really sick of people underestimating my authority. Really. It's always always always been an issue for me. I may not be an authoritarian on any level, I mean hello, my dogs don't even listen to me, but at work I know what I'm talking about. So don't argue with me.

I guess I should address the fact that this really hasn't been so much an issue since I started my job here. For the most part the branches really do heed my word and are very cooperative and efficient in providing documents that I've requested. I have a really great relationship with just about every branch even though I've never met most face to face.

But in previous positions that I've held in other locations, I've been frequently underestimated. Never by co-workers or supervisors, but by patients and clients. And that may be the pattern that carries over to this job and why other employees don't question me because I don't deal with clients and patients. Which means that I don't deal with strangers. Everyone I deal now with knows me and understands my role as I do them.

It used to be that a patient would have a problem and it was my job to deal with the issue and come up with a practical solution. Or they had a question regarding our services and I would provide the answer. The problem was? They never believed me. And frankly I sincerely believe it's because I look younger and that immediately withdraws all credibility in the eyes of many. Because I was younger I couldn't possibly know what I was talking about. So I would have to get an older employee (that I was lead of) to repeat everything I just explained. 99% of the time they would say oh, okay and have a seat suddenly contented with the answer they were provided. Or there were times I would have to find somebody wearing scrubs because apparently wearing scrubs gives you a whole different level of authority. Nevermind that most of the scrub wearing people had fewer years of education than I did. (Until this job, RN's & Dr's didn't wear scrubs in our office either)

Sooooo. It really frustrates me to NO end to have a stranger walk in and assume that because I'm not showing signs of gray (which really I am!! *enormous pout*) that must mean that I have no role of any importance. And even if I didn't, that does not give ANYBODY any right to treat others so rudely.

In case you haven't figured out, I had a pretty BAD first impression with one of our newer employees. Because just like the stories I shared above, she also disregarded me completely until she was later pointed out who I was. By disregarded, I mean flat out rudely ignoring me when spoken to, making no eye contact to acknowledge that she heard me, and pushed me to the side to meet the taller, older, apparently more important looking, employee behind me. I'm not kidding, I was PUSHED ASIDE and had anyone else watched this scene would have thought I was not even present. Things like this piss me off like none other. People that are that high and mighty and look down their noses at who they assume must be "just the secretary" can kiss my tushy.

Little did she know that she would be spending some great quality one on one time with me in my office later.

Just because I'm under 5'3", under 30 and non-confrontational does not mean that you can CRAP ON ME.


So really it just hurt my pride a little. I can be humble enough to admit that. BUT HOLY COW!!

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