Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Progress and My Little Help

So I started a new project and I may be jumping in a little too deep too soon, but my 2nd project is a sweater. I just hope I don't get to the sleeves and have no clue what to do next. :-) I'm posting pictures just to share the color and my very slow progress. And uh, if it turns out to be awful, I'll just pretend like there was no such project. KK? :-) Oh and not to forget the pictures of my very helpful little Dolce. Such a good little doggy!

He was just pooped after such a long day of work :)

SO, a friend pointed out the fact that it's a bit of a surprise to see me knitting. I guess it is kinda funny to realize how domesticated I've become. Who knew! Actually I should use that term sparingly considering I don't do cleaning very well. I'm not being modest, I really don't. I pretty much suck at the housekeeping part. It's just the fun stuff that I've learned to enjoy. I like to create the mess without cleaning up. My hubby loves that about me! *grin*

What's funny is that even my mom is shocked when I tell her about cooking and knitting/sewing, etc. Because in case you don't know...I never (ahem here we go): did the dishes, the laundry, ANY cooking, vacuuming, cleaning of any sort including making my own bed, paid the bills. Really. My mom said it was my job to be a student and it was her job to be the mommy. I have to admit it was kinda nice. UNTIL I got married and realized mommy's not here to pick up after me anymore. I actually had to learn how to use the washing machine. The sad part? My husband had to teach me. Oh oh! And the dishwasher? We always had a top of the line dishwasher but mom didn't believe in it, everything was washed by hand. By her. So Mike also had to teach me to use the dishwasher. And cooking?? Are you kidding me? I was not only terrified of the kitchen, I absolutely hated anything to do with it. Mike did all the cooking when we were dating and I should mention he's a pretty fabulous cook!

So how did I survive college? *grin* WELL. See, my parents lived about 6 hours away so mom would visit every couple of months and stay for a week or two. During her stay she cooked entire meals daily for my brother and me (we had an apt together) and then divided it into individual portions to freeze so that after she left we'd have plenty of yummy homemade microwaveable food to eat. Oh and she'd FILL the fridge before she left. And laundry? Well see, my aunt lived about 20 minutes away so every Thursday she would drop off my clean laundry and pick up my dirty laundry. She had a key so that just in case I wasn't home she could just drop it off. And dishes? Seriously? How many college students actually use those? Paper plates work wonders. Most of the bills my parents ended up paying for because I'm not exactly what you call financially responsible *batting eyes* I mean even now. I have 2 cars and both were paid in cash by my parents. The first year of my marriage my parents were still paying my cell phone bill, my car insurance, car registration (actually I still haven't paid insurance or registration on one of them) and who knows what else. They spent $20k on our wedding and I only paid $10k.

Needless to say, I was in for a rude awakening. Getting married was actually kinda tough for me! I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy the perks *wink wink* but I really really do suck at housekeeping. And finances. My poor poor Michael. You guys should feel sorry for him.

You know what really sucks? I really really really want to be the perfect wife and homemaker. Because when we have kids we plan on me staying at home. This is seriously a huge burden for me. If I can't do it now without children?? Oy! It stresses me out just thinking about it. That's not the only reason I want to be great, I want to do it for my husband. He works SO much and deserves to come home to a clean, organized home. I don't know why it's SO hard for me. Honestly, I think working is much easier than being a full time homemaker. I admire those that do it and especially those that make it look easy. It's too bad I never inherited some of those squeaky clean genes from my mother.

Many people probably never knew all this about me even though they may have realized I was a little spoiled, or high maintenance, or a slob. Well now you know why. And really? I can't believe I just admitted all of that to the public since I have no clue who actually reads this. What I can't believe is how incredibly ashamed I am of my slob-ness and lack of responsibility, yet I still posted this for all to see. :-O Oh well.

I don't think Mike realized ALL that he was getting himself into. Not really.

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