Sunday, July 27, 2008

First Finished Project and More

So I finished my first project. I actually started out doing a scarf but was kinda bored with it. Plus I had so many dropped stitches that I didn't catch until after I'd finished the row that I just unraveled the whole thing. So I just picked this small, easy but cute purse for my first project. I haven't picked out a handle yet, but whatever.
I got the pattern here.

And I love SUMMER!! I love sunshine, I love the warmth, though I have to admit it's been kinda hot around here. Anyway, I love having all the windows open and doing everything in our house with this incredible view. I've emailed everyone a million pictures of the view from our house, but I don't think I've ever posted (or emailed) pictures of what exactly it is that I see. From inside our house through our windows. So here's a couple of pictures. I turned the flash off so you could actually see the view better. Our eliptical machine is in front of the that's the big handle sticking up in case you wondered. :-)

Oh yeah, when we bought our house those two houses you see through the window weren't there.


fawn said...

I looked at your blog earlier and then I had to step away to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me, or that I wasn't, you know, smoking crack. YOU KNIT?!?! That's just so weird to me. Not that I have any doubt about your abilities, but you know, it's weird. Like me telling you I like the colour pink and just want to shop all day. That being said, you're really good. If you ever feel like making a long lost DZA something ... I'll take it. :) Love you girl!

fawn said...

Ok, so Micayla mentioned a blog about us that I somehow overlooked, although I come to your site at least two or three times a day. I don't know how I missed it.

So I went and found it just now. And I have to tell you, I have tears in my eyes. They may or may not be spilling over. I'll never tell. It really, really touched my heart, and brought back all kinds of memories. I could totally be back in Lawton right now, hanging out in your apartment, drinking Pepsi ...