Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm fine and baby is fine. It was a very upsetting hospital visit, a very ridiculous long story that I'm tired of telling. Short version: OB tried to discharge me because I was not their problem even though I was STILL experiencing pain. They hadn't even gotten any of my test results back yet and were not going to order any additional tests or consults. To them, the baby was healthy and I did not have an OB issue so therefore I was not their issue. Oh yeah, and they admitted me overnight without me ever having seen a physician. I was in the hospital for 13 hours before a doctor ever stepped foot in my room to see me.

This pissed Mike off and even though he was out of state, he made a phone call to the CEO of the hospital. YES. I said the CEO. lol This cracked me up but I was also so very incredibly grateful. The CEO got a hold of the OB director who came to see me. They decided not to discharge me until they had at least received my test results and then ordered an internal med consult. The internal medicine specialist figured out in less than an hour (including running additional tests) what was wrong with me that no one else apparently could do in the 16 or more hours I was in the hospital before she did my exam. She was the only person that asked me bunch of questions regarding my symptoms and location of pain, events leading up to pain, previous episodes, etc.

Needless to say, I am SO.SO.SO.SO. glad that we are moving and I will be continuing the rest of my care and delivery at a University hospital in Salt Lake City. Even if we weren't moving, I'm not so sure I'd plan to stay in Elko for the delivery.

Monday, May 24, 2010

C'mon, Seriously? lol

So I'm sitting in a hospital bed right now after having spent the night here under observation. Fun times :-)

Not to be alarmed though! They ruled out any trauma or stress to the baby and I am not going into pre-term labor.

I had 6 solid hours of extreme sharp abdominal pain. They seem to think its my gallbladder, so now I'm just waiting for them to come wisk me away for ultrasound.

I'm bored out of my mind and a little cranky. I've never been hospitalized before. Apparently I don't make for a great patient.

Oh and did I mention that my husband is out of town? Yeah..... *sigh*

I will forever be indebted to my girlfriend Karen!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Ahh, emotions.

So I'm really excited about moving, but it REALLY sucks being away from my hubby :-(. I get so emotional and when I should be motivated to cleaning and organizing most, I just feel like curling up and sulking.

He got to come home for 2 days and it was the shortest 2 days of my life. I already miss him and he's only been gone for 10 minutes.

This is gonna be tough.

I will now have to deal with moving in third trimester of pregnancy, praying fervently that God will provide a home buyer and a home for us to buy, AND dealing with hormones and emotions. And all while separated from Mike!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Baby

I had my 25 week check up today and asked the doctor if he would make sure I really wasn't carrying twins (jokingly of course) because I'm so huge! My mom is SERIOUSLY concerned about this, she's had dreams that the second baby is hiding, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask for her piece of mind.

I'm still confirmed to only be carrying a singlet; however, the doctor did say that I AM bigger than normal for how far along I am. Finally. It was nice to get that confirmation, I'm kinda sick of people saying "I don't think you look that big" for fear of hurting my feelings. It's annoying. And I'm also sick of "You shouldn't worry about it." I'm actually NOT worried about it, I just find it curious and slightly amusing. Anyhow, so he says I am bigger, gives me a simple explanation after reviewing my chart and then says to expect to give birth to at least an 8lb baby. Sounds like she's gonna be a big girl! Now imagine if she comes late....yikes!! I was kind of hoping for closer to 6 pounds :-) HA!

So here's 25 weeks:

Friday, May 14, 2010


We're finally MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the situation surrounding the news was incredibly stressful and I balled my eyes out for a couple of days because they already took my husband away. But I am SO. EXCITED. because we're finally moving!!! It's not official yet, they have to push the paperwork through since it was so last minute.

They called Mike one morning and said we need you here and not sure for how long, he gets there and tells me that pretty much he's not coming home. Nice huh? They're moving us there. So we're headed to Salt Lake City! I was seriously praying fervently for Texas, but we're already very familiar with Salt Lake City having spent so much time there so I'm completely comfortable with this move.

I have to be honest. The thing I'm MOST excited about is getting to buy a BIGGER HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing I'm most stressed about? We don't have a date yet and I have no idea if we'll even have a house before the baby is born. Ummm, I can't see Mike and I living in a hotel with a newborn, 3 dogs and my mom :-) lol Yikes.

So say a little prayer that paperwork goes through quickly, the house closes quickly and we find a new home quickly!!!

And now that I've had time to let the stress and emotions process for a few days: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am so stressed out and emotional right now. I hate my husband's employer.

I wanna call the friggin super myself and give him a piece of my mind. He's making my life miserable at a time that I would really like it to be stress free.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

23 weeks and Nesting

The baby has been kicking up a storm! I wasn't sure that I was ever going to get used to it. Every time she kicks I'd yell out with an "Oh!" which was really embarrassing in public. :-) lol But she startles me! I am finally getting better at that and am getting used to the constant flutters and movement. It's really pretty awesome :-) I do still yell out when it's a big giant kick though :-)

It's amazing how connected and bonded you feel to your baby after the kicking really begins. I am already SO in love with this child, that I get teary eyed thinking about it. It's truly amazing how my heart has grown so immensely and she is not even here yet! I can't imagine how intense that love will be when I see her for the first time.

I know a lot of people swear by the excitement of surprise, but I feel like knowing the gender of this baby actually adds to the connection I feel to her. I can just picture this little baby girl in there!

SO. I have been nesting. Big time :-) lol Our house is a huge disaster. I'm a slob. I'll admit it. The first step in moving on is admission right? :-) I was in denial for years, but I have to be honest with myself. I'm a slob. I just DID NOT inherit those immaculate clean genes from my mother. And oh do I wish I had! Anyway, my motivation has kicked into high gear! I've been doing serious deep cleaning, purging, making room and it feels good! Not the actual cleaning part, that part still sucks and now that I'm pregnant it's a lot harder to reach up high and down low and at the end of a few hours my back is killing me. But getting so much accomplished feels really good. Getting everything organized and giving everything a home, especially my kitchen. We have a Great Room house plan. Part of me loves it because I can still be involved with whatever is going on in the rest of the house while I'm cooking. You know especially around the holidays. However; the other part of me hates it. The kitchen is always the messiest room in our house (we just don't have enough cabinet space for everything, imo) so when the kitchen is messy the whole house looks messy. Even though it may already be. ;) My solution? BIGGER HOUSE!!! :-) haha

I think this is Mike's favorite part of the pregnancy :-) lol. The nesting. Me actually cleaning. It's probably a pretty funny sight to him :) BUT, I still have a TON to do. Last night I was moving stuff around (just little things!) and decided I needed a short break. I plopped on the couch and laid in Mike's lap and just like that, I burst into tears! Mike hasn't quite figured out what to do with me when I'm having a moment, usually he doesn't mean to but ends up making me laugh. That and realizing how ridiculous I am :) Anyway, I was crying because I was overwhelmed and started wailing about how I'm never going to get everything done and how there's not gonna be enough room for the baby, etc. Mike says "The baby is gonna be pretty little, I think she'll find room." lol

K back to work!

Here's my 23 week picture. It's a little easier to see the belly in the black top.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Preggo Brain

Holy moly was I on a roll tonight!! I used to be a little dingy but pregnancy has turned me into a full blown airhead!!

We were at a bbq tonight and I was telling a story and started with "My name is Sylvia" and realized how silly that was so followed it up with "But you guys already know that." Then everyone bursted into laughter, teased me about it all night by reminding me of my name and agreeing that they would teach me my address next week.

But I couldn't just leave it at that. I referred to black lights as white lights and said I used to have a gym membership to Khoury's, our local grocery store. I meant Golds. They were commenting on how you could lift weights with the groceries and could just see me running around the aisles. LOL

There were a couple more that I've already forgotten, but those were the highlights. I was providing free entertainment tonight! Being pregnant is almost as good as being drunk!! LOL