Friday, February 17, 2012

She's Growing Up! (picture overload)

She has a baby of her own :)  Yesterday watching her take care of her baby doll just melted my heart!  Oh my gosh, it was SO sweet watching her be so sweet to her baby.

Valentine's Day

Princess shoes =)

Hercules?  Zena?  Grandma says Mighty Princess :) lol

The shopping cart is now a pram

Trying to put a diaper on her baby

Still trying...

And trying some more....

She finally gave up and decided baby just needed to go on the potty :) lol

Reading her a book

More story time

She was rocking the baby and patting her little tushy, omg this was so stinking cute!!

She was really missing daddy on this day, calling out for him all day.  Then she finally climbed up to reach for daddy's picture and was talking to his picture :)

Mommy's shoes

Foreshadowing of our future?
Talking on the phone, listening to iPod, totally just chillin' in her chair :)

No more crawling up stairs, we walk up them like a proper girl.  *sigh*

Crazy child and her love for slides!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crazy for some ice cream!

My little bundle of craziness :) lol

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stuffed Jammies

She's been stuffing different toys down her shirt lately and suddenly discovered that she can stuff her balls from the ball pit down into her jammies :) lol  She started shoving them in and daddy helped her stuff it full.  Pretty stinkin' funny!  After that first time w/ daddy she went back and kept shoving them in all by herself, this was totally cracking me up!  Then she left them in her jammies and was walking around that way.  Daddy did have to help her zip it up after it was stuffed so full.

Busy Weekend

Mike bought tickets to go watch the NCAA gymnastics meet, Utah is ranked #1.  He really wanted to take Jocelyn :)  I thought that was insanely cute, especially since we all know there's NO way Jocelyn will sit through a couple hours of anything and a little young still to understand what's going on.  :)  But I totally wanted to go and actually she did AWESOME for the first hour and half (we got there a little early).  She was SO stinking cute, clapping and jumping up and down when every one else was cheering :)  I should have gotten video but didn't think of it.  I did get a couple of pictures of baby and daddy devouring some popcorn while mesmerized by the amazing gymnasts.

Mike and I have been looking into all the facilities that offer gymnastics for tots, hoping to start Jocelyn somewhere in the next couple of months.  HOLY MOLY it's expensive, but we think it would be worth it.  She's a little crazy ;) LOL

Then Saturday night...................................WE HIRED A BABYSITTER.  I had SO much anxiety over this, like seriously you couldn't even imagine.  I think this is also party why I was so emotional all weekend.  I left her once when she was 3 months old, but she was small enough then not to really know so much what was going on.  I left her one other time, but after I'd already put her to bed so the babysitter just watched tv and kept an eye on the monitor.  She cried her flippin eyes out as we were leaving (OMG which is heart wrenching), but I had the babysitter text me all night to keep me updated and apparently she only cried for 10 minutes (do I believe her? lol) and did awesome all night!!!  The sitter said "she has a lot of energy" LOL  She played pretty hard apparently and didn't get to bed until like 10/10:30 which was totally fine, but funny =)

GI Update

Well, we had our appointment.  We've had a super busy weekend so I actually haven't had a chance to post about it, but I was also pretty emotional and frustrated about it on Friday.

Apparently there is nothing wrong with her.  She has unexplained severe diarrhea that they consider normal and call "toddler's diarrhea," which has been mentioned to me by the last 2 Peds.  I don't want there to be anything wrong with her, but I knew that I would feel a million times better about accepting this as a final diagnosis knowing that we had ruled everything else out.  I sincerely thought they would agree that she has food allergies/sensitivity, but the Dr. said he was fairly certain we could rule that out.  The reason behind my frustration is that it just seems so unacceptable that we can view severe diarrhea as "normal."   An hour after we left the appointment she had a blow out so huge that I had to change her clothes (not unusual for us), but apparently that's normal even though she's almost 1.5 y/o.  To say that there's nothing wrong with her and there's nothing I can do, that I haven't already been doing, to help her, just leaves me feeling helpless.  Her tummy aches and hard round belly are apparently due to gas.  Also, this toddler's diarrhea can last up until 5 years of age.  Fun times.

He did tell me that I feed her too much fruit and that her daily fluid intake is too high.  There was some miscommunication in the visit as far as her fluid intake, but I was already exhausted and didn't feel like correcting him.  I knew it wouldn't make a difference in what he would have to say anyway.  But even on that front, I was trying to make sure she was getting enough fluid because of the diarrhea.

My instructions are to limit her consumption of fruit, to only 1.5 TBS a day and only allow her fluids (primarily milk, then water) during mealtimes/snack times, not to exceed 32 oz total.  Also to have very structured meal times and put a limit on how much time I give her to eat, without any distraction. No walking around with a snack or sippy cup.  For awhile I was letting her eat in the living room to the wiggles or a book, because she would eat more if eating wasn't the main focus.  That's changed over the last couple of months, so now we do structured meal times, serving food at the table time during the same hours (almost) every day, but when she asks me for food at random I give it to her.  She's so picky and for a long time wouldn't eat anything at all, so I guess it's become habit for me just to give her food when she asks.  I don't know how I'm supposed to tell her no when it's not meal time or snack time, though it does make sense that she would consume more in one sitting if I don't allow her to take a bite here and there all day.  I told him I was offering her food or snack every 2 hours (because that's what I had been told previously and also read) and his response was "Whoa!  That is entirely too often, that it should only be every 3-4 hours."  He also said that it doesn't matter what I feed her, that it's mostly cultural.  Hmmm.  He wasn't going to schedule us for a follow up but said that if I had followed my instructions and we still had issues after another 6 weeks that we should come back and run some tests.  He wanted to avoid this if possible, because they're pretty invasive.

I really walked away feeling defeated (is that the right word?) and guilty.  Obviously the choices I had made for her weren't helping,  and I couldn't help but feel like I'm partially to blame.  I'm not feeding her the right foods: too much of this, not enough of that; though I feel like I'm constantly cooking for her and offering her a huge variety of foods at every meal hoping she'll try something different. 

I've had a couple of days to think about it and I'm feeling a lot better about it now.  Still frustrated that there's no concrete solution available to help my poor baby, but I've had time to process everything and let it soak in.  I am obviously glad to hear that there is "nothing" wrong with her and also a little relieved that I'm not having to offer her food every 2 hours, though I do think I'll have a hard time telling her no if she requests food.  Hopefully the change in meal/snack times will help her with eating more so it won't be an issue.  The other super positive thing is that he told us there was no worry for allergies, and gave me the okay to slowly get back into dairy again.  He did recommend that we stay on Almond Milk though.  This is HUGE for us because I'll have SO many more meal options for her as her favorite foods were dairy (which I'm sure is probably the case for most toddlers).  So we'll be going back to edamame and yogurt as our snacks!

We will make these changes and see if it helps in the least bit.  In the mean time we will just start thinking positively and deal =)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our GI appointment is tomorrow, wish us luck! :)