Monday, June 30, 2008

Dolce's Stud Pictures

So I have other news that I am just dying to share but I know Mike would be incredibly annoyed with me if I did. So sorry, I know that's not nice but we'll have to wait for an official update before I can start blabbing my mouth. But for the record - I am NOT pregnant. That is not the news. Sorry mom! ;)

Anyway on to the dogs! :)

I was trying to let Dolce's hair grow to floor length just to see how pretty it would be and also get in a really good picture for studding purposes in the future. Not gonna happen. His hair is SO fine that the matting is getting out of control. It's all past his belly right now and I really only have about 3 inches or less to go, but it's way too hard to manage at this point. I got a couple of cute pictures in anyway and poor baby's getting a hair cut!! I actually tried doing it myself and now he's got a couple of bald spots *grin*. So needless to say, we will allow the professionals to take over and do what they do best!

We're going back to the puppy cut

Friday, June 27, 2008

The man that knows it all!

So I had this friend once (well I still consider her a friend though I'm not great at keeping in touch) that really thought her husband knew the answer to everything. If you were having a conversation and a question came up that no one knew the answer to, she would say: "I'll ask my husband tonight. He'll know!" Every single time without fail. And to her credit, there were a lot of times that he did know, but I didn't always believe it because I just did not believe that her husband could possibly know that much about just about everything. Now. I will admit that I was slightly envious that she was married to a man that she absolutely adored and truly believed 100% in. She placed all of her faith in him and never had reason to doubt her darling husband's abundance of knowledge. It annoyed me. I absolutely loved and adored them, but it really annoyed me. They were such loyal friends and took such good care of me and yet I was annoyed at their perfectness and that she could possibly think that her husband truly knew it all.

And I am several years later married to the man that DOES know it all. :-) In all reality, I do now know that I am a slightly extreme version of my friend. Even prouder, even more annoying. Because I am married to the man that knows it all, I tell everyone so. They don't even have to have a question that needs to be answered; I just tell them anyway, in case they ever do have one! I know, this is pathetic. You know what's worse? I actually encourage people to think of some random question just so we can ask and see if he knows the answer. It's like a game...well for me anyway. And I think it's a fun one! :-) Go ahead. Ask a question, ANY question. So I can go home and ask MY husband!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Elko Motorcycle Jamboree 2008

This last weekend was the Elko Motorcycle Jamboree. It's actually slightly lame, slightly trashy but it's about as exciting as things will ever get in Elko so it's also still slightly fun. It's actually more like a fair with a big concert on Saturday night (this year it was Nazareth???), couple of stunt riders, special parking for motorcycles, lots of trashy tshirts and tiny little thongs. It's like a requirement to find the itty bittiest outfit you can find and wear it in public. Mike and I are hand in hand with dad on my other side, and we walk by this tent where sits a pretty girl in her 20s with a short dress with legs spread open. As we walk by she totally lifts her skirt and flashes Mike. Nice huh? That memory is burned in my brain forever.

Welcome to Elko.

Anyway, we really only walked around for a little while because dad wanted to look at helmets and jackets and then we spent most of the weekend actually out on the bikes riding around different areas outside of Elko. That part was pretty much a blast. So here are some pictures from our little outtings on the bike!

Lamoille Canyon

Out past Lone Mountain Station in the middle of nowhere :-)

These are pictures from last year's Jamboree just to give you an idea of how many motorcycles there are. You wouldn't believe how people come in from everywhere for this thing and yet these picture were taken earlier in the day so that was nothing!. Also, if you look at my surroundings in the last picture you'll see the bikini bike wash behind me. Oh! AND the guy taking a picture of the bikini bike washers. I tried cropping them out with not much success :-) ha!

My trip to Lawton

So I'm way behind on posting.

I was in Lawton from June 4-8th for Mary's wedding. My camera died before the actual wedding day, so I only got like 2 pictures in from the big day. Which really sucks, but she'll have lots of pretty professional ones to steal later :-)

This was definitely one of those trips that requires a follow up recovery vacation. Those 4 days were so incredibly packed! I've never had such an overwhelming trip. But I can't say I expected anything less. It's been FIVE years since I've been back home and HOLY MOLY does a lot change in 5 years.

I swear I didn't wear the same outfit everyday! :-)

With Jamel, Tally and her kids.

With the Newtons/Johnsons/Perdieus. My second family, or third or fourth. I have a bunch :-) I still can't get over how grown they all are!

And in the church nursery with the bride just minutes before the ceremony.

Just revisiting my wedding picture with Mary on the last one :-)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New hair! AHH!

I got my hair chopped off last night. Most of you have probably gotten my email or maybe seen pictures of it on myspace.

I'm still freaking out over it. This is the first time in 7 years that I've cut this much hair off. It was down to my waist so I'll have to search for a good before picture and post it with the after. :-)

Longest layer reached my waistline.

AMA & World Superbike Races

Mike and I went to the races this weekend. It was so incredibly much fun! I had no idea I would be such a huge motorcycle racing fan. It's really insane what they do!!

Anyway, Mike got some pretty awesome pictures in that I just wanted to post for everyone to see!

Troy Bayliss's garage, he's the leader right now even though he had a terrible weekend.

Mike w/ Balyiss's bike.

The Desmodici: the motogp replica.

Troy Bayliss to the left and Larry Pegram to the right.

AMA Racer: Ben Spies

Troy Bayliss

Troy Bayliss


Checa - the winner for both Superbike races.