Friday, July 29, 2011

The Princess

So I don't think I've mentioned yet. This child gets freaked out excited when she sees her daddy walk through door at the end of the day. lol It's SOO cute and I'm sure daddy loves the welcoming party. Funny because Jocelyn and Dolce both hear the front door open and immediately jump up to make a beeline for the gate. Then they both stand there side by side (I know, I really need to get a picture of this) shrieking, squealing, whimpering, jumping, until daddy comes to pick them both up. lol Jocelyn just shakes the gate, lifts her arms, shakes the gate, lifts her arms all while making a fuss until he finally comes to get her. OMG it's the moment every single day that totally melts my heart :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Splash park

She just wandered around checking everything out. And also really wanted to see what the big kids were doing :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Entertained by the dogs, 10 months

She LOVES watching the dogs. She actually spends a significant part of her day at the door watching them and giggling when they run around. Of course, they run around because they get excited seeing her standing at the door.

Playing Like the Big Kids

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We went to see a new Pediatrician this morning to get a 2nd opinion. I'm SO glad we did it, I left feeling a million times better.

She looked up the lab results from the stool culture the other Dr ordered and saw that he didn't actually even have the culture done. In the exam room, he had listed off like 4 or 5 things he was going to have tested when actually they only checked for the common tummy virus. So our new pediatrician, handed me a kit to take more samples to finish the testing.

But that's not what made me feel so much better. She actually took the time to explain all the possibilities and started me out with a plan of action. She said if all the results are normal and it turns out nothing is working, we could see an allergist to do a skin test. She did say there was a possibility that she simply has "toddler's diarrhea" which has no known cause or cure. In that case we really would have to ride it out until she grew out of that stage. I can totally understand the need to "ride it out" if there is at least an explanation provided. At least she told me there was that possibility and at least it's an answer you know? I'm not paying a friggin Dr just to blow me off and dismiss my concerns.

We are switching to soy milk (which I actually did over the weekend) and cutting out all fruit juices. I guess there's a possibility she's having difficulty absorbing and digesting the milk protein and/or sugar in fruit juice. So that's where we are for now.

In other non-medical news:

It's SO funny to watch her copy and repeat the actions of other kids or even us adults. The other day, she saw me eating chicken and dipping it in sauce. She grabbed a piece off my plate and immediately dipped it in sauce before taking a bite! lol So funny because she had never done that before.

She figured out a new way to play with her puzzle mat today after watching the big kids put their faces through the round hole. :)

Poor little Asher from our baby playdates gets beat up regularly by Jocelyn. She wants to play so badly but she's just not super gentle! lol While it's kind of funny, I probably wouldn't be happy if it was my kid getting beat up. I try saying "gentle" and stop her before she gets too rough, but it's really hard to get a 10 month old to understand that. She doesn't know what she's doing and she just gets so excited!

OKAY!!! Birthday planning!!!!!!
OMG I'm so excited about getting to plan birthday parties! SO MUCH FUN!! It took me forever to decide on a theme and as unoriginal it is, I've settled on doing a ladybug theme. (You thought I was gonna say princess theme didn't you??! :D haha) I plan on making EVERYTHING. So I will keep you posted on the birthday party progress. Hopefully it'll go well.

I think that's it for now! We still only have 1 tooth and we've already conquered walking and climbing. I can't imagine what else could be next! lol

Baby Playdate

Monday, July 25, 2011


OMG I'm so frustrated. I feel bad that I haven't posted a real blog update in awhile and now that I am it's not a super upbeat one. Pictures really are probably more fun anyway, right? :)

Jocelyn has had diarrhea for nearly a month now. I started out calling the Dr's office when it was just over a week and they told me to wait until 2 weeks. I ended up scheduling an appointment anyway because I wanted to rule out ear infections. Her ears are clear and the Dr said it's most likely just a tummy virus to wait it out. So I waited another week, called back and they made me come back in again. We went to the appt and the dr didn't do a friggin thing. He told me once again to wait it out another week and do a stool sample. Well I brought a fresh dirty diaper with me and handed it over and told him to do it now. They never called me with the results, so I called after a few days and they said all the results came back normal and that "There is nothing wrong with her". Holy moly, I don't think I've been so upset or angry in a long time as I was when the nurse said those words. I said "Well, there obviously IS something wrong with her. SO NOW WHAT??" She was supposed to talk to the dr and call me back. I got off the phone and started crying because I'm so frustrated. Apparently being a 21st century mom means it's your responsibility to rely on the friggin internet and do all the research for causes yourself. Apparently having an M.D. no longer means that you're qualified to provide information and educate your patients.

Anyway, that was Thursday. After spending all weekend asking around for Peds referrals and interviewing friends, I've found another physician to take her too. But out of principle and pure frustration, I called the other office back and left a message saying I'd never received a return call and after nearly a month of dealing with this, I'm pretty fed up with the physicians in their office. They just called me back and you are NOT going to believe her response.

Apparently they have it recorded in her file that someone did call me back on Thursday and left a message. Well this most certainly did NOT happen. Then she continue by telling me that the Dr. wants me to WAIT A FEW MORE WEEKS and then go see a GI. OH. MY. GOSH. I can feel my blood boiling just writing those words again. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure is through the roof. If it was HIS child would HE FREAKIN WAIT THAT LONG??? NO I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The diarrhea is making her poor little tushy SO raw, no matter how hard I try to keep her dry.

We have an appointment tomorrow to see someone else.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rockin' out!

Such a silly kid =)


The lighting sucks, so look for better video soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

10 Months: First Tooth and Walking

We finally got our first tooth!!! It popped up on Wednesday, July 6th.

AND, she actually took her first steps a few days before that on July 3rd. She's been taking a step or two here or there for a few weeks, but without realizing it. She took her first real steps when I called her to walk towards me! Pretty exciting! She's still cruising mostly, but will let go every few steps and take one on her own.

I haven't been able to catch the walking on video, I always have the wrong camera out (but I have a couple of pictures). And of course when I have the video ready, she decides to get down on her knees instead :)

But here are a few pictures from the last week or so.

4th of July weekend:

Little Miss Mischievous:

10 Months Old!!!

If you click on this picture and make it bigger, you can see her little tooth!