Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FRIGGIN PAIN and Other Randomness

So I had my bottom wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. 6 days ago. SIX. The one side was already exposed so they just pulled it out, the other was impacted so they had to cut it out. The side they cut is causing me so much pain it's ridiculous. I did not EVER imagine it would be this bad. The one side of my face is still swollen, enough actually that my CEO just walked in and asked if I was okay because my face is swollen!! lol If a man actually notices then it must be obvious. Fabulous. K, now I know that I'm a very emotional girl and cry for just about everything, but not for pain. I whine a lot, sure, and complain a lot if I don't feel well...but I never ever cry. Well, last night I actually had tears in my eyes. I also never ever take medication. Even for migraines. I'd rather use an herbal wrap and essential oils and sleep it off rather than pop a pill. Well. I have actually taken the pain killers. Can you believe it??? I can't. Oh. And how fun is this? Since my face is still swollen it sounds like I have suddenly developed a lisp. Joy.

K, on to me turning into a granny. Actually, I should preface this by sharing my big news that I couldn't share several blogs ago. It's still not official, but nobody else really cares but me. SO: the news is that more than likely we will be stuck in Elko for a couple or more years. Yippee. I was really not so happy about that because I have been so ready to move for a long time and we had kind of been looking for other positions available the last few months. I was really rooting for Texas :-) Oh well. So there's a long story behind why we're stuck here, and other than to say that Mike will be getting a promotion (the one positive aspect of the whole situation) there's not much else I'm allowed to disclose. It's really not top secret or anything, it's just not public knowledge yet. And since I know I have a million people reading my blog *rolling eyes* I should keep this information to myself.

Now that I've shared that very important bit of information I can move on to me being a granny. Besides the fact that I go to bed at like 9 every night, shush, I have decided that I will have to start picking up on some new hobbies. And maybe introduce myself to some new people and force myself to make some friends. Because frankly, I'm bored. Mike works too much and I get stuck at home by myself for hours everyday and I don't do "alone" very well. I feel like I'm repeating myself and like I've already discussed this in a blog somewhere but I don't care. Now I'm normally pretty chipper and optimistic so I don't do depressed. But when you spend every waking moment doing nothing all alone you have all the time in the world to think and analyze, which has created an emotional monster in me. Which puts me in the mullygrubs. It only lasts until I have something to distract me, which normally doesn't take much. Seriously, how do you make friends as an adult without randomly approaching someone and saying, will you be my friend? Mike told me to make friends with our neighbors, but they haven't put any effort into getting to know us either and how am I supposed to initate that? Hail them down if I actually see them out in the yard and ask if they'll be my new friend? It's not like we're in a normal neighborhood where you have contact with your neighbors on a fairly regular basis. Where we live everyone is on 1-5 acre lots. So it's not like we stand on the fence line talking about the tulips we just planted or something you know? And most people wouldn't know it, but sometimes I can be painfully shy. I know this sounds really silly but you know the little kid that hides behind their mommy's legs when they're being bashful? I kinda do that Mike. Literally. I don't kid. :-) lol Laugh all you want!

So if we're gonna be stuck here for a few more years, something has to change. I thought about joining some community organizations and getting involved in some sort of community activities, but then I'd have to drive into town to do anything and you've seen the price of gas. My point is, I have no one to play with because my hubby works too much so I'm bored out of my mind. Which takes me back to me turning into a granny. Since I'm obviously no good at making friends I've decided I'm gonna have to at least find some hobbies to do at home. I already love to bake and last week ended up baking like 5 different desserts and brought 2 of them to work with me. But I am also teaching myself to sew. I have a sewing machine and already know the very basics so I gave myself a project. I've discovered that I'm a rather impatient person and really want to see immediate glamorous results! I don't like the learning part, I just want to DO. But I'm forcing myself to learn all the tedious details so that I can take that information and actually make pretties! I also bought a book on learning how to knit. I know the basic one line pattern that my mom taught me but actually want to be able to make something cute now.

K! So, I bake, I sew, I all I need is a rocker and glasses. Oh wait!! I already have those. *sigh*

And I really should mention that I do have a couple of friends at work. And we do get together on occassion and have a good time. But we see each other more than we see our own husbands and families, so after an 8 hour day they've got to be pretty sick of hearing all my stories. :-)

So I went back to the dentist this afternoon and found out the reason for all that excruciating pain. I had a dry socket!! DUH. Anyway, he basically lifted the stitches to flush it out with water and then stuck a 2 inch strip with medication inside the socket. You thought it hurt before, HOLY MOLY I thought I was going to use language I've never used before. The Dr told me to ahead and let him have it. Anyhow, as nasty as the taste is (and makes me gag) this stuff is amazing!! Within 20 minutes I was feeling like a whole new person! YAY!


fawn said...

It IS hard making friends as an adult, isn't it. Meeting people -- especially people you may have something in common with -- is hard.

Erin said...

Hi Sylvia,

I completely feel you on this post! It is SO hard making friends as an adult. I have my classmates, and some of them are great friends, but I'm really searching for people my own age to just hang out with and enjoy. Your line about just going up to people and saying "hi, would you be my friend?" made me laugh. I have been there so many times.

You are such an awesome person, people would be so lucky to have you as their friend. Good luck, though, and if you find any great ways to make new friends, let me know!! :)