Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Thanks

I have pies baking in the oven in preparation for tomorrow. For the last 3 years I've cooked the entire Thanksgiving (and Christmas) meal myself. And I LOVE doing it!! As cheesy as this may sound, I put a lot of love and thought into cooking this meal, making sure every dish is especially good and that everyone's favorite is laid out on the table. I can't wait to get started super early in the morning!

This year I am especially thankful to have my husband home. But this year I'm also feeling especially emotional. As I'm getting the pies baking, I'm having flashbacks of the last few years of festivities. And...I miss my family. Since Mike and I have been married, Thanksgiving has sort of been our holiday to spend with our dads. I miss hearing all the snoring coming from every room in the house. :) This year my dad is in Afghanistan and I miss his chattiness. This is also the first year of holidays without Mike's dad. They always say its always hardest around the holidays and this is the first time in my life its hit me so hard. I've never lost someone so close to me and I really miss him.

And I miss my mom. I think this is the longest I've gone in my entire life without seeing her (almost a whole year) and I miss her busy body and bossy self :) Pushing me out of the kitchen to show me how its really done.

I'm gonna miss setting the food out with the sound of the guys watching football in the background, my dad asking mike's dad ridiculous questions that have nothing to actually do with the GAME. And listening to them carry the same conversations over and over again.

We'll still have a really good homemade meal with good company. But I guess this is the time of year you realize how truly thankful you are for your family and miss them the most.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have NO muscles. Even when I was a size 0, I was not a toned size 0. I have a very high body fat percentage, always have, probably always will. So this is a HUGE deal for me. I just wanted to show you guys the difference in JUST 2 weeks!!!!


2 weeks:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

P90X: Week 2

Repeat of week 1, minus the excruciating pain :) It's still incredibly challenging but this week went by SO much faster than the first. And I absolutely cannot believe this, but I already see results!!!!!!!! There is already definition in my arms!!

Now, don't laugh. But I WAS flexing in front of the mirror to check it out (HA!!) and ran into the living room to show Mike. As you can imagine he laughed at me and then said he was noticing other things too. So encouraging!

I can't wait! If this is just the end of week 2, I can't wait to see what happens at week 12! YIPPEE!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cracks Me Up!

This is how they sleep all day, almost every day :) I see it every single day and every single day it still cracks me up!!!

And check out Dolce in his cute sweater with matching scarf :) haha! I just love it

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Military Pride

I am very proud of all my family for having served their country and prided her people. To my husband, brother, father, father-in-law, grandfather, I thank you and take the time to let you know I admire your courage and strength.

Happy Veterans Day!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rock-a-bye Dolce

Oh. My. Gosh. I am laughing so hard right now!

Mike just picked Dolce up and was rocking him like a baby. He started singing "Rock-a-bye Dolce in a treetop..."

He would SHOOT me if he knew I was blogging this. :) And then he'd deny it!


Legally Blonde

Had an interview today, it was a group interview which they did not prepare me for. They did say it would be a 2 hours interview, I was like what??? lol

Okay, so they asked a million questions and the next to last question they asked (to lighten things up) was: "What is your favorite movie, and why would you recommend that I watch it?"

So they go around the room and the girls provide very good answers naming great movies with valuable lessons and morals to learn from.

NOW. Let me start by explaining that I don't really watch movies. Hardly ever really, not that I don't enjoy it, but there are just a lot of other things that we do. (And I'm not a fan of movie theaters. I'd rather rent or buy and watch at home). So, I was racking my brain for a good answer or to even think of ANY movie I've seen in the last 10 years :)


Sylvia: "Legally Blonde! Shows you can be intelligent AND still be girly and an airhead"

WHAT???? LOL LOL Oh my gosh. I'm such a dork. Man am I hysterical :)
What do you think was going through their minds?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Sweet Sweet Husband

Was making himself a milkshake while I busted my butt to Kenpo today!! LOL So I practiced what I was learning and kicked him in the booty :)

So today was Day 6: Kenpo! Which actually seemed a lot more like kickboxing to me.

Anyhow, I friggin LOVED IT!!! It's the most I've sweated all week and it's the most fun I've had all week! And now I can say I've completed a full week of P90X!! YAY!! I just knew if I could make it through the first week the rest will get better.

It's Official! (Picture Overload :)

Mike is "officially" home now :) We were keeping things on the DL so that he could take a couple of months off before going back to work. He has up to 90 days, so we wanted to take advantage of that. He'll be heading back to work sometime soon now.

We did a lot of traveling, visiting family and friends and taking mini vacations. You have NO idea how hard it was for me not to want to shout it to the world that he was home!!!!!!!!

So we've been together 24/7 for two solid months, with the exception of 2.5 days. You'd think we'd be sick of each other by now :) I even went deer hunting with him!!!! It turned out to be much more fun than I ever expected, plus it was a good work out with all that hiking. However; I managed to get sick to my stomach and throw up out there. I have a really weak tummy (on all levels) and get pretty bad motion sickness. Well...looking through binoculars gives me motion sickness. He's been making so much fun of me ever since! Apparently I'm the only one that gets sick looking through binoculars. It makes me dizzy, I can't explain it. I have to be sitting or have something supporting my back to look through it. He admits he always thought I was just being a big baby until I threw up and realized I wasn't kidding around :) Pathetic huh? We told a couple of our friends and apparently I'm just a weirdo.

Anyway, I just wanted to make the official announcement! My honey is home and the curse has been broken!!! :)


Here are some pictures from our travels! (We've been busy!!)
Okay, the pictures ended up in all kindsa crazy order. And I dont' feel like fixing it :)