Thursday, July 24, 2008

Continuation of First Impressions

K, so I was obviously a little hot about the whole being ignored issue. I guess you could say I'm a little sensitive towards it. Maybe not so much sensitive as in like boo hoo you hurt my feelings sensitive, but sensitive as in I pick up on it when maybe no one else would notice.

You know how there are certain women that just have that commanding presence? They walk in the room and something just tells you never to question this person? My mom has that. Everyone that knows my mom is at least a little bit afraid of her. Though if you're honest with yourself, I'd say most will find that they are a lot afraid of her. lol It's true. And well, my mother does NOT get ignored. Period.

There are just women that have it. Men too obviously, but I think it's less likely that a man would be ignored, like the scenario given yesterday, in a professional setting. I think it's safe to say that a man would be immediately respected and it would be generally assumed that a man would be filling bigger shoes. True, yes?

Now, I'm not addressing any feminist or discrimation points. Just that I don't have that presence and unless you are a woman that does or a man, your "value" is immediately questioned. Which frustrates me because it shouldn't matter. Every individual is valued and important and every role in a business plays a crucial part in its production, from secretary to CEO.

That's all. My point is that EVERYONE is valuable and should never be treated less than such.

PS) I'm pms'ing so maybe you should ignore these last two posts. But I'm leaving them now for the sake of my sanity. :-)

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