Friday, January 30, 2009

When It Rains....

It freakin' POURS.

That's all.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Very Eventful Weekend

I flew to New Jersey this weekend to see Mike. He had a 4 day pass and it was the BEST visit we've had in a really really long time. I am SO very glad that I was able to go. (Though I got chewed out for taking too much time off)

We got to have lunch with some of his friends, who are a ton of fun by the way! And dinner with Uncle, Aunt, cousins and cousins kids. Then another dinner with dad's cousin and wife. It really is incredible how close the Warren family is. I'm super envious since I didn't grow up anywhere near the Sibley's or Yu's. It makes me really really want that for my kids. Having the same friends at age 30+ that you went to kindergarten with! And having all of your family live within just a few hours of each other and everyone getting together a couple times a year. Its pretty amazing.

Anyway, it was definitely a weekend to remember. Not only for the awesome family and friends but because of a couple of events that you will laugh at. Maybe even cry a little :-) It's that ridiculous. And it only happens to ME.

But first I have to tell you that Mike took me to this incredibly, insanely, ginormously HUGE mall!!! On his birthday :) I'm serious. It could probably compare to Mall of America. I was in MALL HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!

Alright onto the other events.

We went to Mike's hometown and visited his mother's grave sight. Then I really wanted to see the jewelry store where he bought my engagement right. I knew it was very high end and beautiful so was anxious to see it for myself! To make a long story short...we were treated like ROYALTY!!! I am not kidding. It was amazing. I had my ring inspected and they took it back for a cleaning and while we waited, the owner's wife (VP) took us to the other room and invited us to a lunch of salads, pastas, sandwiches and wraps with sodas and palagrino. We dined and then they told us that they were hosting tv interviews that day for customers willing to share their testimonials. They had appointments all day long but asked if they could fit us in while we were there! OMG she was so incredibly sweet and we couldn't say no. So we sat with the camera crew and interviewer and I had to warn them that I tend to giggle uncontrollably when I'm nervous. He just said it's okay, we'll edit the interview down to only 1-2 minutes. What I completely forgot that I also do when I'm nervous is ramble. A LOT. I almost forgot what the question was by the time I realized I was rambling!! AND I was totally yelling at him because he was sitting so far away and then after the interview remembered that I had a microphone clipped to my lapel. *sigh* AND that I had left my sunglasses on the top of my head the entire time. Seriously. Well anyway, apparently these recorded testimonials will be placed on their website and on youtube. They will also choose a couple to run on their commercials. I will not share any of those links with you until I have seen and approved first! :D

Next event I will fondly remember for the rest of my life. We went to breakfast with Mike's dad's cousin and his wife before I was to fly home. After we'd ordered and were waiting for our meals to arrive, I decided to take a little visit to the girls room. No big deal right? I enter and see that someone previously had not flushed and there sat someone else's poop in the toilet. Obviously the first thing I do is flush the toilet! Well it didn't flush. At all. And I needed to go, and the girls at work taught me how to fix the flushing problem. So in my attempt to fix it, I actually flooded the restaurant. I kid you not. The toilet overflowed and you can't even imagine how quickly I bolted for that door and not-so-calmly reached for the lock to get outta there! I sprinted through the restaurant past my table (you should have seen their faces) to let the employees know what had just happened. By the time I turned around there was water covering most of the restaurant floor. And the only thing I could think about were my boots!!!!!!!! And the fact that they now had to assume that it was my poop!!!!! The cousins wife asked if I'd even used the bathroom yet after I explained what happened, and I said no. So at least they knew....but really. Really???? Do you think I had much of an appetite for breakfast?

So then the last event. Which is NO big deal compared to the above. But anyway, apparently my flight from Philly to Phoenix was booked on regular schedule, but my connection from Phoenix to SLC was booked for the day before!! And exactly how did they think that was gonna work? In 4 years I have never printed my itinerary before I left. But this trip I actually did and thank goodness for that!!

Fun times :-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Miss Punctuality

So I should probably list *make an attempt at being more punctual* to my list of resolutions. But who are we kidding! :-)

My mom always says I'm going to be late to my own funeral. *sigh* It's not that I don't try, it's just that no matter HOW early I wake up I cannot seem to move fast enough to get out on time. Or I forget things and have to go back in the house like 3 times. Dolce's got the routine down! He knows not to be startled in the morning when I have to run back in because I forgot my cell phone, or my glasses (just in case), or my wedding ring and sometimes all 3! He just sits there with his head tilted watching me run through the house and then back out the door.

Or like this morning! I was actually running (almost) on time and suddenly got really sick to my stomach and had to make an emergency stop. I don't plan these things!!

Or migraines, that happens a lot. And sorry but, I'm not a morning person ANYWAY and when I wake up with a migraine I ain't movin'.

And now I have to feed the dogs in the morning, since obviously Mike can't do it anymore. That always puts me behind, nevermind that I haven't adjusted my alarm clock one bit to make room for that additional 10 minutes I need in the morning :-)

I think that even if I started working at noon, I'd be late. I really don't do it on purpose but I just cannot help myself.

And I know this is really really selfish, and I know that everyone will hate me now...but I hate waiting for other people. I get a little antsy and cranky, so if I show up 5 minutes late then everyone's already there! Okay, you can send me hate mail now. I know. I deserve it. :(

But I still don't do it on purpose :-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2008 and My New Year's Resolution

2008 was a pretty rough year. At least the last half was and I don't anticipate 2009 being much easier. It's been awhile since I've experienced this much physical, mental and emotional stress so its been a bit overwhelming for me.

It wasn't all bad, there were definitely some great times and memories in there and actually those moments tend to stick with me more than the negative. Which I consider a blessing because I know that's not normal :-) lol

Top 10 Craziest Happenings of 2008:
1) Experiencing an earthquake!!
2) My 1st Bruce concert with Mike.
3) Getting a new puppy! (Dolce)
4) Going to 2 huge motorcycle races with Mike.
5) Attended best friends wedding.
6) I chopped my hair off!!
7) Presidential Elections.
8) Got felt up by my APRN. ha!
9) Experiencing the new baby boom! Did you see all the new babies????
10) Mike getting his letter.

It's been a few years since I was serious about making a new year resolution. I just never follow through with them :-) I also normally keep them to myself because it can be somewhat personal but that makes it much easier to forget about. SO this year I'm announcing it to all my friends and family so that you all can help keep me accountable.

1) I want to be sweet again. I used to be a sweet-natured person. Something's changed and I'm not happy about it. :( I will make more of an effort to be kinder and more patient.
2) All while learning to say no and actually standing up for myself without feeling guilty about it. Learning how to kindly set my limits and not let others push me past them. That's a huge one.
3) I want to be more consistent with eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle. Spending more time on the elliptical and taking time out for yoga/pilates. And to go hand in hand with that...I seriously want to shed some lbs!!
4) I want to be a better wife. That means being more loving and supportive. Managing the finances, staying on top of laundry and cleaning :-) Ugh. Nothing means more to me than making my husband proud.

What about you? How was your 2008 and what's your new resolution(s)?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Yoga Anyone?

I am in need of some serious yoga RIGHT NOW. Somebody pray for me before I explode.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas, Updates and Vegas

Lots to update on.

First of all, you cannot even imagine how unbelievably awesome it was to see my husband. I actually cried when I picked him up from the airport. He laughed at me :)

So Christmas was nice. I still did all the cooking and the turkey turned out AWESOME if I do say so myself! I was totally stoked about that. Mike got me diamond earrings, which I've been dying to have! He got me dangly diamond earrings for our 1 year anniversary and he got me the studs for Christmas for my second holes. YAY! And I got a bunch of other super cute gifts! We're gonna have to start putting a limit on how much we spend because we both tend to ridiculously overboard.

Mike's dad got to spend Christmas with us and then I picked my mom up from the airport the day after! We spent all the rest of Christmas weekend and the following week at the hospital in SLC. So update on Mike's dad. He had surgery and is recovering. It's a really long story, that the family I'm sure would not prefer me plastering all over the internet, so I'll just let everyone know he's got a long way to go but he's making huge progress! He's still in line for a transplant sometime in the next few months and this was just one step to get him there.

And I'm really really really sad because I only got one picture of Mike while he was home :( :( :( Because we were so busy, I completely forgot to even get a picture of the two of us together on Christmas!! *sigh* But here's a super cute one of Dolce curling up on the newspaper he was reading :)

So after Mike left and Aunt Georgia showed up to stay with Mike's dad, I took my mom to Vegas. It's her first trip there so we did a TON of walking and sight seeing. Believe it or not, we didn't do ANY shopping!!!! Okay, well I did almost buy a Michael Kors bag that was 50% but it was hot pink and I already have 2 MK bags that are hot pink. was super super tough, but I passed it up. *sigh* I'm still dreaming about it though. We also had to stop and buy some cheap flip flops because I was wearing what I thought were comfortable heels. We drove through Hoover Dam and visited the Grand Canyon again after 20 years (sheesh I'm old) and came back to Vegas before heading home.

Some random people we ended up eating lunch with! lol

I miss my baby. :(

Well Poop!

I hate the Gators.