Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just a really quick vent

I love how people get carried away with opinions and advice. I know it's SO incredibly silly that I'm offended. I asked for opinions on nursery paint and instead of people just choosing one of my two options, they felt the need to provide additional input on other things I could do or things that they have done. Seriously? Just because I asked for opinions doesn't mean I'm completely deprived of an imagination or all creativity. Or common sense. Because really, painting a room half and half without a divider would really produce a perfect line. :-)

Now when some people do that, it really doesn't bother me. I know, I don't play fair. But people I really don't know ALL that well? I just wanna retort with "Do I look stupid?"

Okay. Done.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Hubby, Kicking and Shopping

I have the BEST hubby ever!!! He totally took over dinner the last two nights in a row!! He just started prepping all on his own!! Last night we had rotisserie chicken. Tonight we had slow grilled/smoked baby back ribs! Usually when we grill ribs I boil them for a couple of hours first, they're super tender that way. I was incredibly surprised at how awesome these turned out tonight!!! Incredibly tender, smokey...I was really impressed! Go hubby!! He searched for rubs and everything :)

Okay. So. Baby has been kicking the crap out of me for about 2 weeks now. I mean, like the I can see my belly jump and feel from the outside kinda kicking. And Mike has still YET to feel it!!!! She stops every single time he puts his hand on my belly. He told me that I'm either making it all up, or baby knows its her daddy and she doesn't want to kick him. :-) lol STILL. Just now she was going crazy in there and he put his hand on my belly for a few minutes and nothing. So I started pushing on my belly and he said "Stop!" I was like why? He said "You're probably smacking her in the head!!!!" LOL oh my gosh that totally cracked me up!!

REGISTERING. It has been a royal pain in my kungdangy (Korean for tushy, ? on sp) I had no idea it would be so stressful. Spending that kind of money (which I've never had a problem doing before!!!) is turning me into a practical shopper. SO WEIRD. I want so so so badly for everything to be pink and girly, but at the cost of some of these items I feel like I need to be practical and buy gender neutral things to use with our next child. I KNOW there's no way we'll have all girls. Have you met the Warrens? 99% of them are men. Anyway, I started my registry pretty early for two reasons. Once I realized how long it was going to take me to read the millions of reviews and come to a decision on ONE product, I knew I needed quite a bit of time to consider every item. I had no idea I would care SO much about which things best stimulate the baby and was just unaware of how many different safety ratings and features EVERY item has. And to add my own personal preference on top of that. Sheesh. However; I am unemployed and had 24/7 to read these reviews. Plus I would skype my mom and sit online forever picking and choosing. That is after I harassed every friend I have with little kids for advice and personal reviews (after doing research first).

So with the help of a million people, their suggestions and after a TON of research, I actually finished with my registry sooner than I expected. And I am RELIEVED!!! Now all the thinking is over and I can just go off my list to purchase items gradually, feeling satisfied with my research. Hard part is over! *phew* I did make Mike sit with me for a couple of hours and narrow down a couple of items I just couldn't make up my mind on. But thank goodness I'm done! That was wayyy more stressful than I ever realized it would be! Now I just get to clean and start the fun part of decorating the nursery! Yay!!! We looked at paint colors today and I think I have it narrowed down to about 4 different shades.

RANDOM THOUGHT. I totally scored a pair of kids shoes for $3 tonight!! For me :-) It was just Walmart, but for $3 I can totally wear them out and they were super comfy!

K, I think that's it for tonight.

Here's my 22 week shot. (Well 22 weeks tomorrow) My face is slightly swollen today, plus I'm not wearing any foundation so all you can see are my freckles. I'm totally breaking out and trying not to wear so much makeup. So basically what I'm trying to say is...Just check out the belly and ignore the hideous mug!! :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hateful Reader?

I've just now realized I must have a hateful reader! I've forgotten about the like, dislike, love, funny , etc buttons at the bottom of each post. Someone keeps clicking dislike on all baby bump and baby related posts. How mean is that? Obviously a fairly faithful reader because they're all marked dislike :(

Sorry that baby stuff bothers you, whoever you are. It's only gonna get worse :-)

Look what we woke up to!

Happy Spring! lol

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things our husbands say :)

I'm putting dinner away tonight and notice Mike looking at me. I turn to look at him and he says "Your tummy is sticking out almost as far as your boobs are!!!"

lol Thanks. Thanks, honey, for that observation :) That totally cracked me up!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Have I mentioned that this momma has a sweet tooth?

Dinner's not even ready yet, but I've already helped myself to a blueberry muffin :-) That may be Mike's biggest complaint. I snack too much just before dinner!

21 week Ultrasound

We had a second ultra sound today to confirm gender. Baby is still a girl! :)

We got some cuter pictures this time, a couple weeks ago we got the kinda scary ones of the face :-) I asked for a profile picture. She said it was kinda tough because baby is still head down/face down, but we got it!
Profile at a slight angle.

This one is a profile with her mouth slightly opened and more straight on.

I can feel the baby practically 24/7 now! She is a very active baby!!! So it was pretty cool to feel the movements and see it on the screen at the same time. I think she's doing a lot more punching than kicking!

We got a cute picture of her little tushy :) lol It totally cracks me up. So this view is of the bottom of her foot to the left, and her tushy to the right :)

The baby had one hand wrapped around her tushy! Like she was sitting on her little fingers :) lol Too funny!! The tech said this was the first time she's ever seen that! She said she's seen babies with their hands under their knees but never actually on their little tushy. lol I was like "Oh good, leave it to our kid" :).

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Okay right now I. AM. FUMING.

First of all, I don't know why people share information as fact without ever checking the resources to validate their information. ESPECIALLY before passing it along to other pregnant women, or any pregnant woman. I want to punch this girl right now for freaking me (and possibly others) out unnecessarily. (Hormones speaking!)

She supposedly found out that TUMS is a category C drug. Which then freaked me out because I've been told by my doctors and nurses that it is completely safe to take during pregnancy. So I started my search online with NO luck and decided to call a pharmacy.

Here's where the rest of my FUMING begins.

I ended up calling EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN pharmacy in town because the first two completely cut me off mid sentence to say "It's a calcium carbonate." I said "THANK YOU. I KNOW. That is not my question." And then their response "It's safe for pregnancy." OKAY WHAT FREAKIN CATEGORY IS IT?? So the first two didn't look it up just to be sure and said it's a category A.

The next pharmacist was much nicer and much more patient but just said it's an over the counter so she didn't have any info on it. However; it's mostly consisted of calcium so it has to be completely fine. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???????? You're the pharmacy of COURSE you have information on it.

The last two pharmacies told me they were too busy to look it up right now but said that it's safe. GRRRR!!!!!!!

So finally I called 2 doctors offices and the nurses looked it up for me and said that TUMS is a category A drug. One of the few that's completely safe to take at any time during pregnancy,since (as the pharmacist said) it's mostly consisted of calcium.

I HATE ELKO right now. With a passion. I am pissed. 7 phone calls to get a good solid answer. What the hell is the point of calling a pharmacy for help?????? And to be treated so RUDELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did sort of get an answer from them all, but no one would verify the category which was my actual question.

Did I mention I'm fuming??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Okay, I am SO proud of myself!!!! I stepped foot in not just one, but 3 thrift stores today. This is a big deal because I have never stepped foot in one in my entire adult life.

I actually kinda had fun! Okay well at the last one I did. Our consignment shop is a little creepy. It's so overcrowded, unorganized and a lot of the stuff just looks old. Then the next thrift shop actually had 3 buildings: clothes, stuff, furniture. I felt better in there than at the consignment shop, but the personnel frightened me and some of the stuff was dirty. Though they had a lot of "stuff" I didn't really find much. AND their prices were outrageous!! I was in shock. They did, however, have a maternity section and I found a top from motherhood maternity, so that was totally worth it.

My last stop was at a much bigger, much cleaner, much more organized store (and actually much cheaper!). I felt better about looking through the baby stuff there. I kept thinking I would never ever buy baby stuff from a second hand shop, having NO clue where it came from. I still agree with that on most baby items; however, I finally decided that with clothing I can super duper wash everything myself to be rid of icky germs. Maybe some of the baby books too, if I have time to sit there that long. All the other stuff can be left to others.

Anyway, they had onesies for $.50!! I only bought two and not to be snotty, but I only picked out the nicer brands (i.e. not walmart) and the obviously lesser used ones. I haven't seen these around town. I also found these adorable little shoes that I figured I could scrub and lysol to death :-) I was super excited about this!!

In other news, I made this baby set! I am currently knitting up a matching headband with a big huge white flower to also match!

And just for fun, my 20 week bump!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Infant Bracelets

One of our local boutiques carries these adorable infant bracelets. For $25 a piece. I know. It killed me, but I just had to have one (don't tell Mike!!!!) I don't know why its never dawned on me before, but I can totally make these myself!!

So I went out, bought the materials, and did. Make them myself that is. I got carried away because it was so fun and they are so adorable and ended up with like 10 of them! And then someone suggested to me that I should put them up on etsy! I think I just might. It seems to me that $20-25 is a bit much for an infant bracelet, but this shop owner can't keep them in stock. Sooooo, maybe they'll be a big hit? I guess we'll see. The infant sizes fit newborn to 1yo. I need to figure out the measurements for 1-5yo.

I still have to buy clasps and add them. I thought for sure I already had a bunch at home, but can't find them.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Haircut, Compliments of My Husband!!

I think I've mentioned how this pregnancy has turned me into a cheapskate. I've become very money conscious, something I have never ever ever been in my entire life. I don't think I've ever even checked the bank account before I went out and spent money. However; this baby is doing all sorts of crazy things to me.

So. Now that I've explained that I'll tell you my story. :-)

I have been HATING my hair since it started growing out. It's growing out in all crazy chunky layers, due to the short style I had a few months ago. So I decided that if I just had an inch cut off the bottom (one layer) it would help even out the layers at least a tiny bit. And then I decided (as much as I normally LOVE going to the salon) that I didn't want to spend a ton of money just to have an inch trimmed off the bottom.

Then I had this great idea that my husband could do it!!! I mean come on, he's a grown, intelligent man who doesn't want his wife to look stupid so he should be able to handle cutting a mere one inch in a straight line right?

Well, not so right. For one, he wanted NOTHING to do with it. I had to make him to do it. lol Then he kept angling the scissors and cutting higher and higher and after he finished, realized one side was quite a bit higher than the other. So we spent all evening straightening it out and 3 inches later I actually ended up with a decent do. Not anywhere near what I had in mind and I was starting to fear I was gonna end up at the salon afterall. :-)

I know, I'm crazy. I'm blaming the pregnancy hormones!! lol

But here are the results. He's pretty proud of himself!

Oh yeah, and that is a 19w2d bump.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


So I've been feeling little flutters for a few weeks now, more often the further along I am. But last night and this morning I've started feeling REAL KICKS. Like she must be getting stronger because all of a sudden I feel some pretty strong movements! Only a couple of times, but it totally startled me and I got so excited!! :) lol

Friday, April 2, 2010

90% Chance that Baby is a ..............!!!

Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a girl! It's a girl! It's a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! We go back in two weeks to confirm, but the technician said she's 90% sure!

It was amazing that she could identify every single organ and measure everything. Baby was very wiggly and was moving around the entire time so it was hard to find the girl parts. We actually got up and checked out without having a confirmation :( and then she realized she forgot to measure something and we had to go back in. So Mike says "Maybe the baby is in a different position since Sylvia got up." She checked again and we got a pretty clear view!! 90% sure we have a girl :-) And you should have SEEN the look on Mike's face!!! I haven't laughed so hard in awhile, he actually looked petrified!!!!

It was sooooo cute!!! Baby had her lips open the whole time, just a little "oh" and she kept putting her hands up by her face and we actually saw her stick all 4 fingers in her mouth!! Her little thumb was sticking out. lol Sovfunny!

I can't wait to start shopping and picking out paint! I've already got my mind set on doing plum colored walls (maybe just one wall?), so I just need to pick out a shade I really like, preferably not super dark.

We didn't get any profile pictures of the baby, she was moving around too much, but we finally got a view of her face, a foot and her girl parts! So pictures to come very very soon! And a matching baby bump. It's huge y'all! I kid not. I'm terrified.

Girl parts. Thats her little tushy to the left and her legs sticking straight out towards the right. The three little white lines in the middle means its a girl :-)

ETA: Added pictures