Saturday, July 31, 2010


So Mike got home this evening and could tell I wasn’t in a great mood. He asked what was wrong and as soon as my mouth opened to say “nothing”, I balled my eyes out. I cried so hard I couldn’t even speak!! LOL Oh boy.

He was like, Ummm honey, how come you’re crying? I finally was able to spit out: “The baby!!!!!!” And then realized, yikes, I better elaborate and continued with “The baby is coming in a moooonnnthhh!!! Just 4 weeks!!! (Keep in mind I’m wailing as I explain) and we have nothing ready!! We still have to finish her nursery, unpack the rest of the house, and today I tried moving a bunch of big boxes and the book shelves and it was too heavy but I have to finish and you work too much to really be helpful and i think I pushed myself too hard because now my belly hurts and the BABY IS COMING IN 4 WEEKS!!!!!”

He just held me and rubbed my back while telling me to take it easy and we’ll get all the important stuff done before the baby comes. Then I hysterically explained that the other girls with my due date (although so far just one lol) are already having their babies!! So what if our baby comes early?? He just started laughing and continued rubbing my back while he said, it will all work out I promise.

And then, he said “I stopped somewhere on my way home” and handed me a piece of paper. He stopped to buy my glider!!! They didn’t have it in store, so we have to go pick it up when they get it in, but it was so very sweet of him to think of it :-)

I felt a little bit better :-)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Phase 2 of Nursery: Cleaned Up

Additional pictures of phase 2 of nursery progress. We haven't added anything else yet, just cleaned up from painting and took more pictures. The stack of moulding is up against the wall just waiting to be installed.

I have to say I LOVE it now!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Awesome Deals

Baby stuff costs a lot. And as I've mentioned in a previous post, I used to be pretty snotty about second hand stuff and shopping. Getting pregnant has completely changed my perspective on this :-) when I realized I could get exactly what I wanted in some barely used items for a much better price. Plus, I realized a lot of baby things are hardly used because they grow out of everything so fast and in some cases the babies never took to certain items.

I've been pretty proud of myself, I never imagined I'd use second hand items. As long as I can wash and lysol everything, I'm good to go now :-) I purchased most of these items by answering ads and purchasing them directly from the original owners.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this swing. I had registered for it and planned on purchasing it with my 10% discount at BRU where it retails for $150. And then I found this lady selling her barely used one for $50!!! Yup, awesome deal.

And this boppy. Oh my gosh am I in love with this!! I scored this for $10 and it retails for $50. It was in awesome, very very clean condition, and I friggin LOVE it!

I paid a little more than I wanted for this pack n play, but I had a hard time finding one in such good condition that was pretty gender neutral. This retails between $150-200 and I paid $60. It has all the awesome features with 3 vibration settings, 3 music and nature sound settings, with the removal bassinet and canopy. It's this tan with red and blue paisley print.

Now. This item has a funny story. I purchased it thinking that it was a baby sling. HA!! Baby things don't come labeled and I've never seen any of it before!! I had no clue. So I sat at home for two days trying to figure out how the heck to wear this, unzipping it and wrapping around my head, shoulders, it ended up around my waist, etc. I did a search for eddie bauer baby slings online to see if I could find a manual or at least a picture of it right? Maybe then I could figure it out. Well NOTHING looked like the one that I had purchased. I kept flipping it and flipping it, and suddenly it dawned on me. This is NOT a baby sling. It's a carseat cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh. And I had been wearing it. lol I put it on the carseat to test out my new theory, and WA-LA! It fit! I took a picture and texted it to Mike, he pretty much laughed his butt off cuz he saw me walking around trying to wear this thing. Tee hee! I paid $3. No clue what it retails, $20 maybe?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I painted the nursery yesterday, 2 tone, both coats finished. I used 0 voc paint, so I promise I wasn't breathing in harmful fumes! Mike wanted to hire someone to come and paint, but when I discovered 0 voc paint I got impatient and decided I just wanted to do it myself. It would be my first time ever painting a room, so it was a learning experience and I wanted to try!

I had a stressful week and thought painting might be therapeutic and fun, plus I'd have the accomplished feeling of knowing I did it myself! And I'm so glad I did!! It really was fun :) Now I might just have to go paint our purple bathroom something other than purple!! (I love the color actually, but it doesn't match the tile at ALL, plus Mike hates it. lol)

Anyway, when I was finished with the room, I wasn't so sure that I loved it. The beige turned out a little darker and the muave is more pinkish than mauvish and not as dark as I'd expected. It's so hard to base an entire room on one little sample card I suppose. And then I wondered if I should have painted the pink on top since it was pretty light.

I let it dry overnight and slept on it and went back in there this morning to check it out and decided I like it a little better. Probably seeing it in daylight helps a little. I think I like the pink on bottom regardless just because it's a little grown up and not so much cutesy overkill.

Here are my progression pictures! I definitely plan to do a chair rail in the middle.

We matched the sample squares to her bedding, and as you see it didn't quite turn out that way:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Taken last night with the flash (looks a little darker)

Taken this morning in natural daylight. (You'll have to excuse my photography skills :D lol)

I might like it a lot better once I get the chair rail installed and all her furniture put in.

I was pretty sore after I finished and my hands are killing me this morning. I might have pushed it a little too hard for being 8 months pregnant, but I wanted to get it done! lol

Here's my 8 month pic (34 weeks 4 days)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Through the friggin ROOF

It's a good thing I have an appointment on Monday. My blood pressure should be through the roof.

The company transferred us to a new location, apparently now they are making us change insurance plans. Not JUST the plan, but company. Which means the dr and hospital I've chosen and have been seeing the last month and half are not contracted with the new insurance company. And it doesn't go into affect until my due date. So if I go into labor late (which is LIKELY with a first time pregnancy) I'm going to be delivering with a complete stranger.

AND the day after our furniture is delivered, the city decides to build a playground directly behind our house. By directly, I mean it's up against OUR fence!! Which could be fine if kids were all well behaved. Unfortunately these kids like to throw things at my DOGS. Some kid is gonna get drug by his ear to his mommas house by one of the Warrens.

Not to mention all the city ordinances we were not aware of before signing.

I DO still love the area and our new house. If I wasn't 8 months pregnant, this would probably not be SUCH a big deal.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ahh!!! SO excited!

Just found out we're closing on the house day after tomorrow, YAY!!!!!!!! I think I can make a couple of trips back and forth over the weekend and carry some things I know we can't ship and/or don't want to lose in the chaos. It's about 4 hours each way, so it definitely won't be FUN, but I'll feel like I'm getting stuff done and it'll definitely make the time fly! I seriously can't wait to just be there and not have to make this trip again.

And to be in civilization!!! With NICE people!! And REAL shopping!!! MALLS!!! SPAS!!! FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And central air, holy moly this heat is starting to get to me!

The packers/movers are scheduled to come on Monday the 12th and I'm sure they'll be here a full three days. :) We have a lot of stuff.

Now if only I can remember what the HECK I did with that important paperwork Mike keeps bugging me about :( This is when pregnancy brain really sucks.