Monday, January 24, 2011

Another Milestone

She has been sitting all on her own this week. It's exciting and sad all the same. Part of me can't wait until she's a little more independent because then maybe I can get a little more done around the house. (I know, I know, really I'll just be chasing her everywhere instead.) On the other hand, I want to always have this very cuddly, sweet baby. She puts her little hand on my face when she's sitting with me and buries her little face into my neck, I just love it. I'll be sad when she'd rather go explore then cuddle but I'm hoping I can get some stuff done.

We started her on cereal, mostly for practice swallowing, tasting, etc. I didn't want to even consider solids until 6 months, because they don't receive any nutritional value from it until then, but not everything always goes as planned.

The absolutely HYSTERICAL look she gives me when she is all DONE eating. It doesn't even look like her!! And makes me laugh, which then makes her laugh :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Months Old

Baby Updates:

(I will try and stay better updated with maybe a little more info. The holidays were a little busy :-)

So about a week before Christmas, Jocelyn rolled over from back to tummy. It's really rather funny to watch because she rocks and grunts and kicks her feet. :) Here's a video for giggles =)

Oh yeah, did you check out those thighs?? LOL Her daddy teases about this so much and shows off those baby rolls to everyone! :)

Here's my FAVORITE!!!! Grandpa got her to giggle on Christmas Eve, it was so cute. Baby giggles are so contagious!

She has recently started this squealing business, which is absolutely hysterical! lol Sometimes she gets so loud she's practically screaming.

Don't you just want to eat those cheeks???? AHH!! Poor child. I just can't seem to be able to leave them alone.

So we had her 4 month well baby checkup last week. She measured 90th percentile for height at 25", and 95th percentile for weight :-) at just over 16 lbs. lol And she's hitting a major growth spurt this week, I wouldn't be surprised if she's already even longer and another pound heavier! Anyway, she's still measuring 2 months ahead of average girls her age. Which seems right. She's fitting perfectly into size 6 month clothing. We pretty much skipped size 3-6 months....I should have left tags on some of those outfits.

I can't believe how big she's getting. It's so incredibly much fun watching her play and learn everyday. She's actually sitting really well on her own already. She teeters to the sides still, but she's already learning to use her hands to catch herself and to use them for support. We're not good about tummy time because she's gone back to hating it again. But the few times we put her down, she's figured out how to scoot on her knees! She hasn't figured out how to lift her upper body, so hopefully crawling is still a couple months out yet.

We have made some really great friends in our area. We meet with 3 other mommies and baby girls about once a week. It's so great because we know that our kids (the 4 of us) will have a few friends to grow up with while we're here. It'll be fun watching them grow up together. We actually had a birthday party for two of the babies turning 1. So that was fun!

Here are some recent pictures from the last couple of weeks:

Her new thing is playing with her feet which is also pretty funny :)

Jocelyn and her ferocious gaurd dog Dolce :)

Jocelyn's First Christmas

So this will just be mostly pictures.

I haven't updated on Christmas posts or anything. Sorry.

Picking out our Christmas Tree:

This was the person helping us out with the tree. A little 8 year old kid. lol

Our tree is the giant one in the middle =) I LOVE LOVE LOVED our tree this year!

Posing with the pretty trees.

This is how we got the lights and ornaments up this year! The tree was so tall, I had to get a chair to stand on.

Standing in line to see Santa! (Grandma knit her sweater)

Hysterical because some lady was apparently standing behind me making faces. She succeeded in making daddy smile. lol

With santa. She was sooo smiley and talking up a storm. Of course the camera guy caught her mid smile. However, a minute later she looked up at Santa, stared at his beard, then his face and suddenly wasn't so sure about the whole thing. lol It was really pretty funny :) But she did not cry!

And now a million pics from Christmas. I'm sure they'll be all out of order.