Monday, June 30, 2008

Dolce's Stud Pictures

So I have other news that I am just dying to share but I know Mike would be incredibly annoyed with me if I did. So sorry, I know that's not nice but we'll have to wait for an official update before I can start blabbing my mouth. But for the record - I am NOT pregnant. That is not the news. Sorry mom! ;)

Anyway on to the dogs! :)

I was trying to let Dolce's hair grow to floor length just to see how pretty it would be and also get in a really good picture for studding purposes in the future. Not gonna happen. His hair is SO fine that the matting is getting out of control. It's all past his belly right now and I really only have about 3 inches or less to go, but it's way too hard to manage at this point. I got a couple of cute pictures in anyway and poor baby's getting a hair cut!! I actually tried doing it myself and now he's got a couple of bald spots *grin*. So needless to say, we will allow the professionals to take over and do what they do best!

We're going back to the puppy cut

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fawn said...

For some reason this post cracks me up. I think it's because I between the barrette and sweater vest, I can't quite view Dolce as a stud!