Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yay for knitting! I wore my sweater yesterday I believe and was surprised at how many compliments I got! Even from the dept stores! It was very encouraging and made me feel awesome when they said "where did you get it?" and I said "I MADE IT! YAY!" haha I know, I'm a huge dork. My husband tells me everyday :-)

And it's official. I'm addicted. I'm working on a doggy sweater next. I'm sure Dolce is looovvvinnng that! ha! He will when he's out in the snow and shivering his little tushy off!

Anyway, so I got another wedding band. Don't remember if I already shared that and I'm not really feeling like going to back to see if I did. I was afraid that the diamonds might be a little too big with my soliatire, but as my friend Brenna says, there's no such thing as too big! lol I also have my engagement ring out to be resized so right now I have a very naked finger. And it feels so strange! I started looking for one of my other rings to wear on that finger just so it doesn't feel so naked but they're all too big. I get them both back on Tuesday! Another yay!

That's all for today. I think. :)

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MDAC said...

whew i am impressed! great job!!!! you are a knitter!!!!!