Monday, August 4, 2008

I Did It! (Again)

We went to SLC on Saturday and I bought another wedding ring. Only this time I'm a little freaked out by it! See, I'm a little nervous about spending that much money on a band because I've had really bad luck with it. And this time I picked one out that is totally NOT me. I know. I'm nuts. BUT here's why it's not me: It's very ajama!! It's kinda of grannyish. At least I think so. I have a princess solitaire on a pretty modern setting and I picked a WRAP. I have looked at a few in the past because I have a hard time finding a wedding band that fits my engagement band. But I always decided I didn't like them because the ones I like are pave or prong settings and I don't like the curved looks though those are the ones that fit. But I actually found a wrap that FITS my ring! Perfectly! And maybe that was part of the attraction. My engagement band is also pretty wide so it doesn't normally work out. I only saw it for a few minutes and I've been looking for months (again) so we just sort of decided right then and there that we were getting that one. It was between two. I know you guys probably think I'm incredibly silly fretting over it, but obviously I picked it out because do like it. So we'll see. It's getting sized right now and then they're going to ship it to me by the end of the week. So I'll be sure to post pictures for your opinions. :-) AHH!

AND, I think Mike may have picked out another motorcycle. I don't know if I've posted anything on that or not. But I told him he could get a third one. A 3rd DUCATI you guys. AND, you will not believe how incredibly generous I am! Because he's had such a tough time deciding which bike to get because there's another that he really likes, I told him that he could get another one in a YEAR! I know. I'm like the best wife ever. So all of you that have his email...really you should write and tell him how lucky he is and make sure he knows what a wonderful wife he has. K? :-) Thanks!

So if we decide that's the one we're getting I'll be sure to post pictures of his new bike too. I guess we're kinda spoiled. Oh well. Life's too short not to be right?? :-)

On another completely different note (this is what my 3rd subject already?) I finally went through a fraction of my clothes. K, so let me explain a little about me for those that don't know. I'm kind of a clothes fiend. We have 3 closets, 3 chests, 3 dressers and they're all full. Not only are they full but I have a gigantic pile on the guest room bed because I have no where to put them. So last night I decided to finally part ways with my skinny clothes. And it was pretty depressing. Especially because I gained weight after we moved to Elko so I've done all my fat clothes shopping here and all we have is Penneys and Walmart. So all my skinny (size 0, xs) clothes are high end brand names and it was not only depressing to realize I'll never be a size 0 again but also because I saw how much money was going into those boxes. And even more depressing that we have no where to buy those sorts of clothes here. So I was getting rid of all my nice stuff and buying cheap stuff because it's all we have. DEPRESSING. And I haven't even gone through the closets yet. That one box just came from one of the chests. Eesh. So I brought a box to work and the other box is going to be donated.

AND, I'm going to tell you how retarded I am. I was SO embarrassed on Saturday when we went to SLC. I got all dressed up, wore a cute little halter sundress since I never really get an opportunity for that here. We loaded up and started driving and by the time we got to Wells (about an hour from home) I realized I had walked out without changing my shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I was wearing this cute little dress with dirty white flip flops that I wear around the house. Oh my gosh. I walked through FASHION PLACE MALL, through Nordstrom and Macy's and Zales and also the Ducati shop with that on. I could not quit thinking about how incredibly silly I looked. Seriously. It was really embarrassing!

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Erin said...

Ooh! I can't wait to see pictures of your ring! That's so exciting! I guess we both were successful in making big purchases!!!

On a different note, how far do you live from SLC?? I'm going to be there in about two weeks, so I was just wondering how close you are! :)