Friday, August 29, 2008

Band of Indians

So Mike bought tickets to a steak dinner/fundraiser for the local high school band that took place last night. We watched them play and at one point had this overwhelming wave of emotion as I realized how much I missed playing! I remembered how much fun we had in marching band and going to all the football games. Mike teases me about being a band nerd :) and I know that I was one (Really I was a nerd on all levels) but what all the "cool" kids didn't know is how much fun they missed out on.

Plus, adding music to your life can never be a bad thing. I think it makes you well rounded and exposes you to a lot more culture, IMHO. I had no desire to teach flute once we moved to Nevada and have taken a break from teaching for 2 years now. Last night I was proud of those kids and then realized the pride I felt for them as if they were all my students. I guess I took a lot more pride in teaching the flute than I realized. It was always rewarding and I was always blessed with incredibly talented kids.

I was also really surprised at how many band members there were! I was told there are 80 students this year and about 5 years ago there were 170! There's only one high school here and we're in a very small community. Pretty amazing!

Anyhow, I'm thinking about taking up teaching again though I haven't picked up the flute myself in about a year so I'm pretty rusty.

We'll see.

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