Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2 of the 4 Furry Children

So Cooper got a bath on Sunday. He's always the filthiest of all the dogs because he wrestles with Hubie ALL day long and usually ends up on the ground since he's the smallest of the big boys. :-) And he loves it! He will bark nonstop at Hubie until he plays with him, it's actually pretty funny. He stands inches from his face and barks and barks and Hubie just lays there and ignores him :) lol He adores his big doggy brothers.

Cooper is really our baby. I know it's not fair to play favorites but I get tears in my eyes every time I just sit and think about what a great dog he is. He's only 2 years old and I already get overwhelmingly sad when I think about when he's an old doggy. He is by far the best dog either of us has ever had. We never really trained him and yet he sits, he shakes, he is OBSESSED with fetching, he only gives kisses when we ask so he's not an annoying over-licker, he's incredibly affectionate, he's hysterical because he grunts and "talks" to us, he lifts his paw and "hits" you if you quit petting him :-) We never walk him on a leash because he never leaves our side. We let him come in the house and he sleeps in our room at night jumping up in bed between mom and dad every morning to wake us up. :) And even when he was a puppy he never really had accidents. I want to clone him!

Needless to say we kinda spoil him.

Dolce LOVES the big dogs. They don't so much love him :-) lol I think he's a little too hyper for their liking, even Coopers. :)

And this is my little yarn thief.

I made these doggy beds for the big dogs this past winter!


Anonymous said...

Great job. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia, love your site! I check it weekly to see what you have added. Cute dogs!!! Love from Arkansas, Aunt Pat