Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rolling Over

BG hates tummy time. She cries the second her tummy hits the playmat, so I haven't been a great encouraging mommy and giving her nearly as much tummy time as recommended. It makes me feel awful to see that pouty face and hear that sad sad cry. Well that is, she's hated tummy time until yesterday when she magically started loving it. She loved it because she suddenly figured out she could use her arms to lift her upper body and not just her head, and she also figured out that she could just roll right on over to her back and skip tummy time altogether! LOL The next couple of times I put her on her tummy yesterday, she immediately rolled to her back. Too funny!! But today she actually spent some time on her tummy with her head and chest up, kicking her feet, looking at the mirror, smiling and having a good time before rolling over. YAY!!!!!!!!

I have a hard time putting her down. I hold her probably 90% of the time. It makes getting things accomplished around the house pretty difficult to impossible, but she's happier that way and I'm happier that way :) And all the new info out there says you can't spoil a newborn, so I'm totally going with that :-)

I'm very curious how much different I would be if I'd started the baby thing much earlier when I was still pretty young. My family have all commented on how patient and calm I've been and, though I'm sure some of it is my personality, I'm thinking a lot of it is because I'm older. (I'm guessing). And not feeling super selfish and wanting me time, my new selfish is actually wanting to hold her all the time.

K anyway, back to rolling over! I have no idea the time table for these things, so I have no idea if she's late, early or on time with this new accomplishment. Anyway, I took a video this morning and wanted to share! I don't know why, but watching her do this totally cracks me up!!

And here's another one of her talking:

She has been smiling since day 1 and I think I mentioned she's been smiling socially or in response to talking or making faces since around 3-4 weeks old. This week (8 weeks) she's started smiling in response to a smile! It's SO SO cute watching her smile back at you :)

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The Lavallee Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! She's so cute. I think she's advanced but maybe I'm not impartial. :)