Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Because I Can't Sleep....

yes, I know this is my 3rd post for the night!

Last night, I put Jocelyn in her crib. I had decided before she was born that she would sleep in our room for the first 2 months and then move to the nursery in her crib after that. Well...She will be 2 months in just 6 days (ALREADY!!), so I thought maybe we could practice and give it a try. No need to practice, my baby took to her crib on the first attempt!

She slept in her crib the entire night, waking at 2:00 for feeding then going right back to sleep in her crib. She did wake again when Mike was leaving for work, so I just brought her to bed with me (I know this is ridiculous, but I MISSED her!!) and we slept until 10!

A couple mornings ago Mike woke me up when he was leaving for work and I'd realized that Jocelyn had slept through the entire night! I couldn't believe it! I actually woke her up to feed her and we slept in. Hopefully this will happen on a regular basis, though I think I will be sad the first few nights since she'll be in her crib.

Am I ridiculous for feeling that way? :-) Because I feel a little ridiculous. I should be excited (and I am! kinda) because I will get more quality sleep. "Should" being the key word here. I couldn't fall asleep for a few hours because I was staring at the baby monitor watching her move while she was sleeping. And here's where my title comes in. :-) I put her in her crib again tonight and she's already been in there sleeping for 2.5 hours. And again, I'm still awake staring at my baby on the video monitor when I should be taking advantage of this time and sleep! (Hey, at least tonight I'm not crying)

I haven't really slept hard in a couple of months anyway, I'm so very aware of her every movement and sound. However, I could relax knowing she was right next to me and I could easily check on her. This crib thing gives me anxiety and also leaves me feeling a little sad. I'd realized this morning, after I was so excited to go get her, that this has been the longest that I have been physically separated from my baby!

Oy, I'm gonna be a mess when she goes off to college. :) Okay, so we've got years until that happens. OMG or start kindergarten!!

Are any of you feeling sorry for Mike yet?

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Lizzie Fish said...

You are NOT ridiculous!!! You are such a sweet loving mommy! =)