Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mmmmmmm MMmmmmmmmmmmmmm Good!!

I made roasted butternut squash soup again. OH MY GOSH, It's so yummy!!!! I think I could probably eat a little everyday until it's no longer in season. Seriously. I made a HUGE pot of it and plan to devour it ALL. I made it a couple weeks ago and put a little too much pepper.

I'm starting to get super excited about Thanksgiving!! I love cooking on the holidays (definitely not the cleanup). This will be my 5th year making everything myself. My first year I thought every meal had to be made from scratch. haha :) We almost didn't eat because it took sooooooo long!! Like I even set out bread to dry for stuffing/dressing and I don't even like it! However, buying a few items in a box or can totally feels like cheating. Doesn't mean I won't do it :)

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Lizzie Fish said...

hahah for REAL. nobody needs to know. =) besides, what really matters is that you're all there together and YOU are not a total stressball with all the prep. =)