Monday, November 22, 2010

SLC Mommies

I found a playgroup in my area and today Jocelyn and I went to our 2nd playgroup date! I meant to blog after the 1st one and forgot :) If you can imagine that!

Jocelyn LOVES babies and little kids. She just stares at them with this look of adoration and then gets this HUGE grin on her face and starts cooing. SO. SO. CUTE!! AND. Both times we attended playgroup, I actually liked every single mom there. I know. That sounds pretty snotty. But come on. How often do YOU attend, well, anything and actually like everybody there? See. It's not just me ;)

So, I'm pretty excited!! Jocelyn and I have made some new friends and really having fun. I took my camera with me today but didn't take any pictures. So I stole these pictures from the host. This little girl was the host's oldest daughter, she and Jocelyn adored each other. Ohmygosh, it was SO cute to watch them. And isn't that little girl just beautiful?

She also LOVES her bumbo and LOVES LOVES LOVES the fish tank. It's really pretty awesome. If she gets fussy, we can go stand in front of the fishtank and she calms down and just watches them. So I did a little rearranging and put a table next to the fishtank so that I could put her bumbo next to it.

She also loves being cuddled up in the moby wrap. Which is GREAT when I need to get stuff done around the house. I let her face out like this when we're at home. This is also SUPER for when we go out, I turn her the other way so we're tummy to tummy and she can people watch until she falls asleep. This works WAY better than putting her in a carseat, which she hates, plus I'd just much prefer to hold and cuddle her :)

The Sophie and one other dolly are really the only toys she sort of plays with right now. I think this is cute, looks like she's hugging her Sophie :)

Oh daddy! Why is it everytime I turn around he's holding her like this? LOL Apparently it's more comfy than it looks lol. And daddy has actually changed a few diapers this week! Even a dirty one! YAY DADDY!! I told him that changing a diaper may very well be the sexiest thing he's ever done :)

Just being cute :-)

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