Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nursing in Public

Not sure why this is such a big deal. This is a topic that a lot of people seem to have some pretty strong opinions about, or just simply get embarrassed about. I have to admit, I could have cared less about it myself before having had Jocelyn. Well, that is as long as they were attempting to be modest and not just hanging it all out there.

I've come to realize that Americans are very funny about this. I don't get why it's such a big deal when it's such a natural thing. Initially, I was pumping and bringing a bottle with me every time I left the house. I forgot a couple of times and ended up feeding in the car even though I always carried a nursing cover in the diaper bag. Then I'd be in a restaurant or at the mall and she'd have a fit, knowing she was hungry, I just fed her right there. Now I just cover up and feed wherever we are because it's important to feed her (duh) and to keep up my supply.

I guess I say American's are funny because I belong to an online forum for girls w/ September babies and it's an international group. The Europeans think us Americans are crazy for making such a big deal for every time any of us make mention of nip'ing. I think it's important that we're all encouraged to BF period.

Anyway, so one time I was nursing at the mall. I had my cover out and was sitting on a bench, I really thought I'd be shy about this but I'm surprisingly comfortable with it. Back on track...so this elderly woman walked up to me and said "I think you are a wonderful mother for doing that." Oh my gosh, that made me feel SO great!! There should be more people like that.