Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Okay, I am SO proud of myself!!!! I stepped foot in not just one, but 3 thrift stores today. This is a big deal because I have never stepped foot in one in my entire adult life.

I actually kinda had fun! Okay well at the last one I did. Our consignment shop is a little creepy. It's so overcrowded, unorganized and a lot of the stuff just looks old. Then the next thrift shop actually had 3 buildings: clothes, stuff, furniture. I felt better in there than at the consignment shop, but the personnel frightened me and some of the stuff was dirty. Though they had a lot of "stuff" I didn't really find much. AND their prices were outrageous!! I was in shock. They did, however, have a maternity section and I found a top from motherhood maternity, so that was totally worth it.

My last stop was at a much bigger, much cleaner, much more organized store (and actually much cheaper!). I felt better about looking through the baby stuff there. I kept thinking I would never ever buy baby stuff from a second hand shop, having NO clue where it came from. I still agree with that on most baby items; however, I finally decided that with clothing I can super duper wash everything myself to be rid of icky germs. Maybe some of the baby books too, if I have time to sit there that long. All the other stuff can be left to others.

Anyway, they had onesies for $.50!! I only bought two and not to be snotty, but I only picked out the nicer brands (i.e. not walmart) and the obviously lesser used ones. I haven't seen these around town. I also found these adorable little shoes that I figured I could scrub and lysol to death :-) I was super excited about this!!

In other news, I made this baby set! I am currently knitting up a matching headband with a big huge white flower to also match!

And just for fun, my 20 week bump!


Marissa said...

There are a *lot* of second hand higher end baby stores, just Google for them in your area. I've found name brand clothes and furniture for babies there were very gently used and in wonderful condition. The most common one is Once Upon A Child.

Elizabeth said...

Sylvia, that people dress is too cute. I love it! Hope all is going well. Talk to you soon.

Lizzie Fish said...

I LOVE that dress!

You aren't snotty at all! In my experience, there's no point in buying Walmart, Target, The Children's Place, Kohl's or no-name brand clothes second hand because they don't last - or look NICE - very long plus they weren't all that expensive to begin with. I shop at our consignment store all the time but I only buy stuff that a)looks brand new and b)is from a recognizable brand. I don't let the kids out of the house in their own worn out, stained or misshapen clothing so why would I pay someone else for it? Truly.

Haha...maybe it's not that you aren't snotty, maybe it's that I'm so much MORE snotty, so compared to're not at all. Haha!

Anyway, I'm really proud of you for looking even though it was kind of weird! Your photo is adorable. =)

The Warren Family said...

Liz: HAHA! That's funny :) Actually, I think I tend to be pretty snotty about things, but try really really hard not to let on that I am :) lol I don't want people to hate me! It annoys Mike, he's always telling me how snotty I am, but he's my husband so if I can't show my true colors to him, than who?? ;) I still play nice in public! :D haha

Marissa: THANKS! Unfortunately I live in the boonies and brand name anything is impossible to come by, along with any chain stores. But I will have to keep that in mind whenever we're out of town.

Elizabeth: Is this my jr high buddy Elizabeth? :) And people dress? Do you mean the baby dress? :) lol Love you! (if it's you!)

MDAC said...

Glad to hear that you tried something new! I think its so important as a parent to teach our children to diversify and try new things.

MDAC said...

btw, Olivia has had that same Onsie on the right in 3 sizes I think. Its very cute :)