Monday, April 26, 2010

Hubby, Kicking and Shopping

I have the BEST hubby ever!!! He totally took over dinner the last two nights in a row!! He just started prepping all on his own!! Last night we had rotisserie chicken. Tonight we had slow grilled/smoked baby back ribs! Usually when we grill ribs I boil them for a couple of hours first, they're super tender that way. I was incredibly surprised at how awesome these turned out tonight!!! Incredibly tender, smokey...I was really impressed! Go hubby!! He searched for rubs and everything :)

Okay. So. Baby has been kicking the crap out of me for about 2 weeks now. I mean, like the I can see my belly jump and feel from the outside kinda kicking. And Mike has still YET to feel it!!!! She stops every single time he puts his hand on my belly. He told me that I'm either making it all up, or baby knows its her daddy and she doesn't want to kick him. :-) lol STILL. Just now she was going crazy in there and he put his hand on my belly for a few minutes and nothing. So I started pushing on my belly and he said "Stop!" I was like why? He said "You're probably smacking her in the head!!!!" LOL oh my gosh that totally cracked me up!!

REGISTERING. It has been a royal pain in my kungdangy (Korean for tushy, ? on sp) I had no idea it would be so stressful. Spending that kind of money (which I've never had a problem doing before!!!) is turning me into a practical shopper. SO WEIRD. I want so so so badly for everything to be pink and girly, but at the cost of some of these items I feel like I need to be practical and buy gender neutral things to use with our next child. I KNOW there's no way we'll have all girls. Have you met the Warrens? 99% of them are men. Anyway, I started my registry pretty early for two reasons. Once I realized how long it was going to take me to read the millions of reviews and come to a decision on ONE product, I knew I needed quite a bit of time to consider every item. I had no idea I would care SO much about which things best stimulate the baby and was just unaware of how many different safety ratings and features EVERY item has. And to add my own personal preference on top of that. Sheesh. However; I am unemployed and had 24/7 to read these reviews. Plus I would skype my mom and sit online forever picking and choosing. That is after I harassed every friend I have with little kids for advice and personal reviews (after doing research first).

So with the help of a million people, their suggestions and after a TON of research, I actually finished with my registry sooner than I expected. And I am RELIEVED!!! Now all the thinking is over and I can just go off my list to purchase items gradually, feeling satisfied with my research. Hard part is over! *phew* I did make Mike sit with me for a couple of hours and narrow down a couple of items I just couldn't make up my mind on. But thank goodness I'm done! That was wayyy more stressful than I ever realized it would be! Now I just get to clean and start the fun part of decorating the nursery! Yay!!! We looked at paint colors today and I think I have it narrowed down to about 4 different shades.

RANDOM THOUGHT. I totally scored a pair of kids shoes for $3 tonight!! For me :-) It was just Walmart, but for $3 I can totally wear them out and they were super comfy!

K, I think that's it for tonight.

Here's my 22 week shot. (Well 22 weeks tomorrow) My face is slightly swollen today, plus I'm not wearing any foundation so all you can see are my freckles. I'm totally breaking out and trying not to wear so much makeup. So basically what I'm trying to say is...Just check out the belly and ignore the hideous mug!! :)

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Lizzie Fish said...

you look beautiful!!!!