Thursday, April 15, 2010


Okay right now I. AM. FUMING.

First of all, I don't know why people share information as fact without ever checking the resources to validate their information. ESPECIALLY before passing it along to other pregnant women, or any pregnant woman. I want to punch this girl right now for freaking me (and possibly others) out unnecessarily. (Hormones speaking!)

She supposedly found out that TUMS is a category C drug. Which then freaked me out because I've been told by my doctors and nurses that it is completely safe to take during pregnancy. So I started my search online with NO luck and decided to call a pharmacy.

Here's where the rest of my FUMING begins.

I ended up calling EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN pharmacy in town because the first two completely cut me off mid sentence to say "It's a calcium carbonate." I said "THANK YOU. I KNOW. That is not my question." And then their response "It's safe for pregnancy." OKAY WHAT FREAKIN CATEGORY IS IT?? So the first two didn't look it up just to be sure and said it's a category A.

The next pharmacist was much nicer and much more patient but just said it's an over the counter so she didn't have any info on it. However; it's mostly consisted of calcium so it has to be completely fine. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME???????? You're the pharmacy of COURSE you have information on it.

The last two pharmacies told me they were too busy to look it up right now but said that it's safe. GRRRR!!!!!!!

So finally I called 2 doctors offices and the nurses looked it up for me and said that TUMS is a category A drug. One of the few that's completely safe to take at any time during pregnancy,since (as the pharmacist said) it's mostly consisted of calcium.

I HATE ELKO right now. With a passion. I am pissed. 7 phone calls to get a good solid answer. What the hell is the point of calling a pharmacy for help?????? And to be treated so RUDELY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did sort of get an answer from them all, but no one would verify the category which was my actual question.

Did I mention I'm fuming??


The Lavallee Family said...

You could move here and get much better service I'm sure. :)

Sorry they all sucked and you had to deal with that!

Lizzie Fish said...

Yeah, that is terrible and I'm glad you FINALLY got your question's a good thing Tums are Class A b/c I lived on those things w/ these girls.

MDAC said...

I have no idea what you are talking about with the whole class a,b,c thing? But it sounds downright stressful to me. Just think, in the fifties and sixties, women used to drink and smoke everday while they were pregnant! I know you are doing a great job taking care of your baby.