Monday, April 12, 2010

Infant Bracelets

One of our local boutiques carries these adorable infant bracelets. For $25 a piece. I know. It killed me, but I just had to have one (don't tell Mike!!!!) I don't know why its never dawned on me before, but I can totally make these myself!!

So I went out, bought the materials, and did. Make them myself that is. I got carried away because it was so fun and they are so adorable and ended up with like 10 of them! And then someone suggested to me that I should put them up on etsy! I think I just might. It seems to me that $20-25 is a bit much for an infant bracelet, but this shop owner can't keep them in stock. Sooooo, maybe they'll be a big hit? I guess we'll see. The infant sizes fit newborn to 1yo. I need to figure out the measurements for 1-5yo.

I still have to buy clasps and add them. I thought for sure I already had a bunch at home, but can't find them.

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