Tuesday, April 20, 2010

21 week Ultrasound

We had a second ultra sound today to confirm gender. Baby is still a girl! :)

We got some cuter pictures this time, a couple weeks ago we got the kinda scary ones of the face :-) I asked for a profile picture. She said it was kinda tough because baby is still head down/face down, but we got it!
Profile at a slight angle.

This one is a profile with her mouth slightly opened and more straight on.

I can feel the baby practically 24/7 now! She is a very active baby!!! So it was pretty cool to feel the movements and see it on the screen at the same time. I think she's doing a lot more punching than kicking!

We got a cute picture of her little tushy :) lol It totally cracks me up. So this view is of the bottom of her foot to the left, and her tushy to the right :)

The baby had one hand wrapped around her tushy! Like she was sitting on her little fingers :) lol Too funny!! The tech said this was the first time she's ever seen that! She said she's seen babies with their hands under their knees but never actually on their little tushy. lol I was like "Oh good, leave it to our kid" :).


The Lavallee Family said...

This is soooo exciting!!! I love reading your updates! How is the name picking coming along? BTW...are you tired of that question yet? LOL

The Warren Family said...

I think it depends on who asks me. Like "friends" who rarely have anything to say suddenly wanting to know what name we chose, annoys me. But I'm pregnant and people irritate me :-) HA! In general I really don't mind, I'd be dying to know too!!

We have managed to narrow it down to a handful that we like, but Mike isn't "in love" with any of them and he won't give me any ideas about which ones he likes best. He says he still has several months to sit on it. AHHH which is driving me insane :-)