Saturday, July 31, 2010


So Mike got home this evening and could tell I wasn’t in a great mood. He asked what was wrong and as soon as my mouth opened to say “nothing”, I balled my eyes out. I cried so hard I couldn’t even speak!! LOL Oh boy.

He was like, Ummm honey, how come you’re crying? I finally was able to spit out: “The baby!!!!!!” And then realized, yikes, I better elaborate and continued with “The baby is coming in a moooonnnthhh!!! Just 4 weeks!!! (Keep in mind I’m wailing as I explain) and we have nothing ready!! We still have to finish her nursery, unpack the rest of the house, and today I tried moving a bunch of big boxes and the book shelves and it was too heavy but I have to finish and you work too much to really be helpful and i think I pushed myself too hard because now my belly hurts and the BABY IS COMING IN 4 WEEKS!!!!!”

He just held me and rubbed my back while telling me to take it easy and we’ll get all the important stuff done before the baby comes. Then I hysterically explained that the other girls with my due date (although so far just one lol) are already having their babies!! So what if our baby comes early?? He just started laughing and continued rubbing my back while he said, it will all work out I promise.

And then, he said “I stopped somewhere on my way home” and handed me a piece of paper. He stopped to buy my glider!!! They didn’t have it in store, so we have to go pick it up when they get it in, but it was so very sweet of him to think of it :-)

I felt a little bit better :-)

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