Friday, August 6, 2010

The Fence Saga

We're having a privacy fence installed due to the bratty children that play on this new playground behind our house. They're hanging on our fence, harassing our dogs, etc.

So today the guy shows up to start installation,

First of all, he walked straight through the backyard without even letting me know they were here. All I heard was the dogs barking and then suddenly a knock on the door. 2 guys are standing there and said "We just went to the backyard and you have 2 dogs back there." NO KIDDING. Who does that??????? Who comes to provide a professional service and not bother to inform the owners of their presence on their property!! What if they'd let the dogs out? I'm 8 months pregnant and not about to go running around the neighborhood to chase them down.

And now all of a sudden he's saying there's issues. They've had 3 guys out to the house already and no one's mentioned there being a problem. Now he's telling me if he can't use his big machine (and destroy my garden) that he's going to have to charge us more. Then he digs his shovel into the grass so that it stands upright b/c apparently he's too lazy to bend over and pick it up. In the meantime, it's alright to destroy our yard. They could just lean it up against the fence.

Then I get: We're going to have to leave for 2 hours because I guess my concrete is hard. Ummm and you didn't notice that before you got here??? And then tore down my gate to get their equipment through and says they're leaving it down all day. Sorry, no can do. I have dogs that need to be let out to go potty. Pretty sure all day isn't gonna work. And this is after he tells me they're not going to be able to use the big machine after all because there's just too much going on back there and even if they do it all by hand, they're going to trample and destroy my garden.

So after we've had 3 people come out from the same company and NO one says this will be an issue, now suddenly you're going to destroy all of our landscaping?

Pretty sure they'll be getting a call from Mike any moment now. Plus, they were supposed to be here yesterday when Mike was OFF but that didn't happen.

I'm sure I'll have updates later. I just needed to vent. They're pissing off a pregnant girl and MIKE. Not a good idea people.


The Lavallee Family said...

I just want to give you a hug. You've had it really rough lately. At least Mike is around to kick their butts in shape.

pcritten3562 said...

pamela critten

I hope MIke ,let them have it girl for just cause. hope you have a better week. what is the baby 's name boy or girl?