Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Awesome Deals

Baby stuff costs a lot. And as I've mentioned in a previous post, I used to be pretty snotty about second hand stuff and shopping. Getting pregnant has completely changed my perspective on this :-) when I realized I could get exactly what I wanted in some barely used items for a much better price. Plus, I realized a lot of baby things are hardly used because they grow out of everything so fast and in some cases the babies never took to certain items.

I've been pretty proud of myself, I never imagined I'd use second hand items. As long as I can wash and lysol everything, I'm good to go now :-) I purchased most of these items by answering ads and purchasing them directly from the original owners.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this swing. I had registered for it and planned on purchasing it with my 10% discount at BRU where it retails for $150. And then I found this lady selling her barely used one for $50!!! Yup, awesome deal.

And this boppy. Oh my gosh am I in love with this!! I scored this for $10 and it retails for $50. It was in awesome, very very clean condition, and I friggin LOVE it!

I paid a little more than I wanted for this pack n play, but I had a hard time finding one in such good condition that was pretty gender neutral. This retails between $150-200 and I paid $60. It has all the awesome features with 3 vibration settings, 3 music and nature sound settings, with the removal bassinet and canopy. It's this tan with red and blue paisley print.

Now. This item has a funny story. I purchased it thinking that it was a baby sling. HA!! Baby things don't come labeled and I've never seen any of it before!! I had no clue. So I sat at home for two days trying to figure out how the heck to wear this, unzipping it and wrapping around my head, shoulders, it ended up around my waist, etc. I did a search for eddie bauer baby slings online to see if I could find a manual or at least a picture of it right? Maybe then I could figure it out. Well NOTHING looked like the one that I had purchased. I kept flipping it and flipping it, and suddenly it dawned on me. This is NOT a baby sling. It's a carseat cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh. And I had been wearing it. lol I put it on the carseat to test out my new theory, and WA-LA! It fit! I took a picture and texted it to Mike, he pretty much laughed his butt off cuz he saw me walking around trying to wear this thing. Tee hee! I paid $3. No clue what it retails, $20 maybe?


Marissa said...

I love that swing! Is it the kind that can go side to side and around in a circle? Best things ever made for kids, aside from building blocks and walkers.

I've never seen a playpen with a canopy before, but now that I have, I've decided I will have one for myself when I get around to have kids :-)

The Warren Family said...

The swing doesn't go in circles, but you can rotate it so that it goes side to side, or front to back. And it's so soft and cushy!!

Yeah I totally love the canopy ones! And will that day be soon? I'll let you know how the labs do :-) lol

The Lavallee Family said...

I LOVE all of the items you got and love them even more because you got such good deals!!!

I'm still laughing about the baby sling event. I can totally see you walking around with this confused look on your face. LOL