Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ahh!!! SO excited!

Just found out we're closing on the house day after tomorrow, YAY!!!!!!!! I think I can make a couple of trips back and forth over the weekend and carry some things I know we can't ship and/or don't want to lose in the chaos. It's about 4 hours each way, so it definitely won't be FUN, but I'll feel like I'm getting stuff done and it'll definitely make the time fly! I seriously can't wait to just be there and not have to make this trip again.

And to be in civilization!!! With NICE people!! And REAL shopping!!! MALLS!!! SPAS!!! FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And central air, holy moly this heat is starting to get to me!

The packers/movers are scheduled to come on Monday the 12th and I'm sure they'll be here a full three days. :) We have a lot of stuff.

Now if only I can remember what the HECK I did with that important paperwork Mike keeps bugging me about :( This is when pregnancy brain really sucks.

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LukieChrmz said...

That's great news. Glad that things are moving along for you guys. Just be careful and don't over do it with the many trips ok. Congrats to you guys!