Thursday, July 22, 2010

Through the friggin ROOF

It's a good thing I have an appointment on Monday. My blood pressure should be through the roof.

The company transferred us to a new location, apparently now they are making us change insurance plans. Not JUST the plan, but company. Which means the dr and hospital I've chosen and have been seeing the last month and half are not contracted with the new insurance company. And it doesn't go into affect until my due date. So if I go into labor late (which is LIKELY with a first time pregnancy) I'm going to be delivering with a complete stranger.

AND the day after our furniture is delivered, the city decides to build a playground directly behind our house. By directly, I mean it's up against OUR fence!! Which could be fine if kids were all well behaved. Unfortunately these kids like to throw things at my DOGS. Some kid is gonna get drug by his ear to his mommas house by one of the Warrens.

Not to mention all the city ordinances we were not aware of before signing.

I DO still love the area and our new house. If I wasn't 8 months pregnant, this would probably not be SUCH a big deal.

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The Lavallee Family said...

Wow!!! You have been having the worse luck lately. It's bound to turn around once your adorable little bundle arrives. {HUGS}