Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I painted the nursery yesterday, 2 tone, both coats finished. I used 0 voc paint, so I promise I wasn't breathing in harmful fumes! Mike wanted to hire someone to come and paint, but when I discovered 0 voc paint I got impatient and decided I just wanted to do it myself. It would be my first time ever painting a room, so it was a learning experience and I wanted to try!

I had a stressful week and thought painting might be therapeutic and fun, plus I'd have the accomplished feeling of knowing I did it myself! And I'm so glad I did!! It really was fun :) Now I might just have to go paint our purple bathroom something other than purple!! (I love the color actually, but it doesn't match the tile at ALL, plus Mike hates it. lol)

Anyway, when I was finished with the room, I wasn't so sure that I loved it. The beige turned out a little darker and the muave is more pinkish than mauvish and not as dark as I'd expected. It's so hard to base an entire room on one little sample card I suppose. And then I wondered if I should have painted the pink on top since it was pretty light.

I let it dry overnight and slept on it and went back in there this morning to check it out and decided I like it a little better. Probably seeing it in daylight helps a little. I think I like the pink on bottom regardless just because it's a little grown up and not so much cutesy overkill.

Here are my progression pictures! I definitely plan to do a chair rail in the middle.

We matched the sample squares to her bedding, and as you see it didn't quite turn out that way:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Taken last night with the flash (looks a little darker)

Taken this morning in natural daylight. (You'll have to excuse my photography skills :D lol)

I might like it a lot better once I get the chair rail installed and all her furniture put in.

I was pretty sore after I finished and my hands are killing me this morning. I might have pushed it a little too hard for being 8 months pregnant, but I wanted to get it done! lol

Here's my 8 month pic (34 weeks 4 days)


Marissa said...

The colors are really cute!

Lizzie Fish said...

you and the room look great! you did SUCH a good job!!!!

The Lavallee Family said...

I think you did a great job on the room and you still look stunning!!

The Warren Family said...

I love you guys :-)