Monday, June 28, 2010


I was SO incredibly frustrated because I had ordered our crib and was told it would be shipped no later than May 30th. June rolls around and I realize I have not received a shipment notice so look up the shipping status to see that they've changed the ship out date to Nov 15th!!!! Ummmmm baby will be a couple months old by then!!! So I search online to see if anyone else has this crib so that I can order it, and everyone had it on backorder for November. I was SO frustrated because I'd ordered everything to go with it (toddler rail kit, mattress, custom size changing mattress, etc) all at once and it was over the 30 day return policy for every item. One company was very nice and allowed me to return the toddler rail kit and it cost me $25 to ship it back. I was pretty annoyed.

My mom and I got online a few days later and picked out another crib and nursery set, so I've had it in my queue to order as soon as we moved into the new house. Well Mike and I went to Babies 'R Us today and guess what they had out on the floor??? Yup, my crib!!! Which annoyed me further because when I'd looked online it said out of stock so I returned that stupid rail kit! Anyway, turns out we scored a great deal, so it all worked out!

They had one of them in the clearance section because it didn't have a box and apparently everything was an additional 25% off today. We got to the check out and I remembered that I also had a 20% off coupon! We TOTALLY got this awesome crib for $175 off!!! SCORE!!!!! And they agreed to hold it for us until the closing date, so this totally ended up working out. Except that now I'm out $25 with no toddler conversion rail kit.

HUGE relief to know I'll have a crib, and super awesome that I got a great deal on the one I'd originally ordered!


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The Lavallee Family said...

YAY for an awesome deal on the crib you want!! Can't wait to see pics of the completed nursery.