Tuesday, November 4, 2008


If you haven't already! But only if you're voting for McCain! JUST kidding!! haha! :-)

GO VOTE!!!!!!!

So I went to the Sarah Palin rally last night and got a ton of pictures. I couldn't believe how tiny she was in person! And gorgeous, but that's besides the point. She still delivered a great speech even though you could tell she was exhausted and mustering up every ounce of energy she could. Her plane didn't even land in Elko until 11pm and I had been there since 7:45. I got home at 1am and needless to say I was exhausted! You wouldn't believe how many people showed up for a small town at a very late hour on a weeknight. There were quite a lot of teenagers which was a nice surprise!

They held the rally at the Elko High School Gym and I heard one of the ladies in charge explaining that they could only fit 4300 people in the building and everyone else was going to have to be directed to the football field where they had set up a big screen. To be honest, if I had been sent to the football field, I would have just gone home. As it turned out, even though I was wayyyyy back in the line even at 7:45, I got a great view on the floor directly in front of her. A few people back but close enough to get some pictures! Those will be posted later. I obviously haven't even had time to look them over yet and see if I got anything post worthy.

Pictures to follow!! The very last campaign rally held before Big Tuesday!


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