Friday, November 21, 2008

Crazy Doc? Or Just Me?

I've been meaning to blog about this for awhile now just to get some of your opinions. I've already asked a few girls at work and well some agree with me and some didn't.

I had a pretty serious sinus infection last week and went to see the Dr. on Thursday (a week ago). My Dr. moved so I had to find someone new to go to and this one was on the Tricare list. Actually she's just a nurse practitioner and she does specialize in women's health and weight loss, which is why I chose her (in addition to the many recommendations I've received to go see her).

I didn't have to wait long and when she entered the room she had me describe to her all of my symptoms. And maybe I'm super paranoid, except I don't normally notice things like this, but she kept glancing at my boobies!! I swear. I'm not making it up. But you know...I just ignored it thinking that I was being retarded. So then she had me jump up on the table and did a regular normal exam. She checked up my nose, down my throat, my eyes, my reflexes and then put the stethoscope on my back to check my breathing/listen to my lungs. And THEN... she moved that stethoscope to my chest to listen there and then proceeded to put that stethoscope on the boobie, in the middle of the boobie, and then under the boobie and lifted!!!! Yes, I said LIFTED!!!

That's just #1 weird thing. And I've been to the dr plenty and never had anyone do that before. Has someone else so I'm not thinking that my APN was feeling me up? I'm still a little weirded out by it. And it would have been one thing if I hadn't already noticed the boobie glancing.

Weird thing #2. She asked if I'd been getting good sleep to help get better. And I said no, I haven't had a good nights sleep in a couple of weeks. She asked why so I told her about Mike's situation and that I just haven't been able to sleep since he's been gone. SO of course I started crying. I would cry anyway, but 3 things. I miss him terribly, I was sick, AND I was pmsing. With that combination there was just no holding back the tears and boy did they flow!! So she then asked me if I was a Christian. I said yes. She said, are you saved? And I said yes.

I am a Christian, I am Saved. However, it was sort of awkward for me to be asked that sort of question right after the boobie incident. She had asked because she was telling me I should give my worries to the Lord. Which I know and agree with. But she sat there and preached at me for 10 minutes and had no clue about my history and background. It was a little insulting, though I knew she was trying to be encouraging.

Weird thing #3. Just at the end of my visit, while writing out the script for antibiotics, she asked if there was anything else she could do for me, if there was anything else that I wanted or if I had any questions. So I said no, thank you. And then she asked if I wanted an anti-depressant.

I was crying because I MISS MY HUSBAND. A very natural reaction. That does not mean that I am depressed. Anyone that knows me knows that depression is just not in my chemistry. It's just not. I get sad sometimes, but never depressed. Not the sort of depression that requires medication. I was shocked that without knowing my medical, or any kind of, history she was wanting to prescribe that sort of medication. Plus, isn't that sort of very contradictory to the whole place your faith in God and let go of all your worries bit?

So...have faith that God will take care of you and fill your life with Joy and Happiness. Place all your worries on Him and allow Him to take control and perform His will for your life. BUT, just in case He can't here's an anti depressant! Which I might need after having been felt up.

NOW. I'm not saying that there aren't people that really need anti-depressants. I'm not saying that there aren't Christian people that don't need it. It's a true chemical imbalance that I believe is a medical condition. However; after having received a 10 minute lecture on MY FAITH and without knowing a line of my history she was going to prescribe a medication which has altered lives for the worse of those who were diagnosed incorrectly.

What is your opinion? Was I too judgemental, too paranoid? Or did I just happen to have, apparently, the only phenomenally weird dr's appointment with her since she came so highly recommended by many.

Please please share!!!


Lizzie Fish said...

nooo you aren't being paranoid! that IS totally weird. lifted??? so strange. and then a sermon???'s weird. i DEFINITELY would not be comfortable going back for the once-yearly if i were you. that's just too weird.

about the other stuff - of COURSE you are sad and crying! seriously! if you are still this sad and crying so much a couple of weeks after christmas you might want to see someone. not necessarily for anti-d's but just to talk to. a year is a long time and you don't need to be in abject misery that entir time.

but as for the whole thing - ICK!

The Warren Family said...

Okay thank you! A couple of girls made me think I was overreacting to the boob thing.

Yeah, I think I'll find someone else for the annual!!!!

Our Family of Four said...

Okay, so I don't know you I'm a friend of Liz and hoped over from her blog. But - ew!!! I would never go back to that doc again. So inappropriate in sooo many ways. Glad your hubby is coming home for turkey day :o)

Mary said...

Um, I would say the lady's weird. I think at heart she MIGHT have been trying to be well-meaning, but that can only come after a comfortable relationship has been established and not followed by boobie touching...just weird...yeah, strange and a little violating, physically, emotionally, and psychologically...that would be my opinion...

The Warren Family said...

That is EXACTLY how I feel. Like she really was trying to be compassionate and well meaning. But...I left very confused about an appt that was just supposed to be about my sinus infection :)

Glad to know I'm not crazy and you guys are on board with me!!