Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Buzz Lightyear

Oh yeah....!!! SO. At the rally I totally wanted to punch someone's lights out. I have become a feisty hothead and just can't tolerate stupid and rude people. I just can't! My tolerance has run OUT.

While we were waiting for everyone to enter the building and pass the security check before Palin was scheduled to speak, there was this woman standing just behind and to the right of me. So, pretty much in my right ear. She saw a man sitting in the stands just behind the podium who she thought looked just like Buzz Lightyear from ToyStory. She was telling EVERYBODY within arms reach (which was a LOT of people in a crowd like that) that she thought so and was asking if they agreed. NOW. This woman was at least in her early 40s and thought she was a hotshot. She was flirting with a highschooler for crying out loud. Anyway, she would not drop the Buzz thing and for ONE HOUR AND 30 MINUTES at MINIMUM she SQUEALED about Buzz Lightyear and every move he made. Everytime she squealed into my freakin ear, I wanted to turn around and punch her!

Now, this is the closest I have ever come in my life to randomly confronting somebody. THAT is how annoying she was. I seriously almost lost it and turned around to tell her, that for 1) she was being incredibly rude to that man and in a small community like ours I'm sure there are plenty of people within hearing distance that probably know him personally. 2) NOBODY ELSE CARES!!!!! 3) For a woman of her age she was acting like a child. AND 4) If she didn't quit squealing in my ear I was gonna punch her.

And then as I turned my head to give her a nasty look she yelled "GO BUZZ!!!" practically in my face and I smelled alcohol. Oh good.

So then I realized that if I confronted her she might be the one to try and throw a punch and then we'd have a cat fight on our hands. THEN one or both of us would get kicked out. And I didn't wait for 3.5 hours just to get kicked out.

Plus, I've never been in a fight. Oh but wait! Umm, I've never actually confronted anyone either. So the likelihood of that EVER having been played out was pretty slim, but whatever. Maybe I would have made the news if I had! After all, she was some hotshot. :-)

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