Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I watched 2 more dogs this weekend for a friend. She always takes Dolce when we're out of town and someone else comes to the house to feed the big dogs.

Anyway, so it was my turn and talk about entertainment! They're just hysterical! 3 little doggies following me around everywhere and all 3 of them had to be in my lap if I was sitting. And boy does Dolce get jealous. He actually jumps on the other dogs if they're touching me to push them out of the way so that he can come and reclaim his spot on my lap. It was seriously way too funny!!

Okay, I don't know what's with the pictures loading backwards, but whatever. This one is actually of Hubie. He found a big chunk of ice from somewhere and was just walking around with it in his mouth! It was just funny :) My big gigantic teddy bear.

And this one!! We have this gate up to keep the little one out of the hallway and bedrooms/bathrooms. He likes to shred things. Anyway, I had gone into the bedroom for something and came out to see this! I just couldn't quit laughing!

And this is them trying to fight over who gets to lay in my lap. It's a terrible picture because, well one, it's with my phone and two, I was holding it over my head to try and get as much as I could. So you get the idea!

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