Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Naked Babies :-)

So Hubie and Dolce's fur were getting really matted and I took them in to the groomer's on Wednesday before we left. They got shaved :-) lol

Pretty stinking funny!!!
Here's the before and afters:


I know that glass is filthy. You try having 3 big dogs and see if you can keep it clean! :D

Dolce (and a few pictures of him in OU gear)

My friend/co-worker watched Dolce while we were gone and as usual someone else just came to the house to feed and play with the big dogs. Well Karen got some pretty hysterical pictures and videos of Dolce with his little girlfriends. So as soon as I get those they'll get posted. Can you imagine 3 hyper little dogs running around your house 24/7? lol I don't know how she did it, but it's hysterical!

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Two Lovers and a Cat said...

OMG I love the puppy shirt! I didn't know you had this bloggie, it's cute!