Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Indy MotoGP

LOTS of pictures. Mike got some pretty awesome shots in. I told him he needs to put his watermark on them.

So pretty much, in case any of you didn't stay up to date with the weather, we got dumped on. Hurricane Ike stormed right up through Indianapolis. So it rained off and on all day Friday, was sunny on Saturday so we got burned, and then POURED on Sunday with lots of high winds.

But it was a blast nonetheless!

Like father like son.

Casey Stoner
Valentino Rossi

Nikki Hayden

This one's my favorite!!! If I had a bike that's what I'd want it to look like :-)
Check out Nikki's helmet

Mike and his dad getting autographs from Casey Stoner (and Melandri)

A replica of Casey Stoner's helmet, Mike got it autographed by him.
He's never going to take this off. Have you guys ever seen that Progressive motorcycle insurance commercial? Yeah... lol

Check out that awesome tatoo on his head!!! Talk about dedication :-)

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