Friday, May 18, 2012

Potty Training

I am SOOO proud!!

I really wanted to start potty training Jocelyn very early, you guys may remember from my occasional posts about it.  Every.single.time I wanted to start potty training, we would end up dealing with her tummy issues again.  (update on that at the end of this post).

She had been doing pretty awesome for months, identifying #1 from #2 and notifying us every time she did either one in her diaper.  When we had the opportunity, we would practice as much as we could, explaining how we go on the potty, spend time sitting there, etc.

There were a couple of times I was a bit frustrated because she would go once or twice and then suddenly lose interest, or have a tummy flare up.  There was a time that she would absolutely hold everything until the end of the day, because I think she was confused about where she was supposed to be going.

On top of all of that, I have a VERY hard time staying home day in and day out.  I'm just not a homebody and now that the weather has warmed up, it's even harder to stay indoors.

BUT, I finally decided that we really needed to step it up and force myself to stay home and work on this.  For the last 3-4 weeks, she has been going #2 on the potty, telling me before hand so we could get there in time to go when we are at home, so she obviously knows what she's doing.

Yesterday was our first day of full time potty training.  We are doing the whole 3 day naked thing and it is going awesome!!  Just leaving her naked on the bottom so that when she goes there's no messing around with anything, just run and sit on the potty to do her business.  Also, if she starts to have an accident, I can see it right away and direct her towards the potty.

 Today was the end of day 2 and we've only had 1 accident!!!  I even managed to taker her out of the house for over an hour, diaper free with total success.  she's obviously ready which totally gets me excited!  And emotional :( *sniff sniff*  It's ridiculous how much more emotional I've become after having a baby.  lol Seriously.

So, what's super duper awesome is that half the time she sort of notifies us that she needs to go potty and the rest of the time, she doesn't say a word and just goes potty all by herself and takes care of business!!!  She even wipes herself (which totally cracks me up!)  I do ask her all day long if she needs to go potty and most of the time she says no, but when she does actually have to go, she just does it all by herself. 

I'm going to force myself to stay indoors (it DEFINITELY helps that it poured today) until Monday (minus Church), doing the naked training thing.  I think on Monday I'm going to attempt to put her in panties and see what happens.

*sigh*  She's growing up too fast :(

But I'm STOKED that we may be diaper free so soon!

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