Friday, May 11, 2012


Last post for the day!!

I've been thinking about starting a photography business for months and months now.  I've always liked taking pictures of pretty things and started a photo album years ago of just random landscape and stills that I had taken with the old film cameras.  But I had never taken a course or learned anything beyond automatic mode.

I've taken time out recently to study and learn everything I can about the technical aspects of photography and the camera.  It helps that anytime I've had a question, Mike has been able to explain and show me first hand.  Definitely makes learning a lot easier when I can learn hands on.

After talking with Mike and thinking long and hard, I've decided to just go for it!  I've seen how much people charge for their services and even if I only had a gig every great once in awhile, it would still be fun to do.  I've never found something that makes me SO giddy!!  I love being behind the camera 100000x more than I ever did being in front of it (and that was pretty awesome while it lasted :D).  That's how much I love it, I seriously get giddy trying to get an awesome picture!!

I'm super super super stoked about this new venture!!  The best part is that I have an expert at home that can help me out if I ever need it.  :)

NOW, I just need a really good name.  I would prefer something really cute and not name associated but of course I can't come up with anything.  So if you guys have any suggestions, I'd LOVE to hear them!!!!!  Right now I'm stuck on SMW Photography, which is so unoriginal but safe =) and definitely not cutesy lol I'm also mulling over Primrose Photography.  I think it sounds cute and, well, you can imagine the inspiration behind the name. tee hee!

What's absolutely hysterical and totally random, is that in the very same week I decided to go official, my bil sent out an email saying he had made the very same decision!  So while he has a full time job, he would do photography on evenings and weekends.  But really, what are the odds????  Even more awesome since we can share info and resources.  I'm still cracking up, I mean, really?  What are the chances.

K!!! Don't forget me if you come up with something cute! :)

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