Friday, May 11, 2012

20 Months

I seriously cannot believe how time flies.  Jocelyn is now 20 months old and I feel like I just gave birth last week.  Especially after seeing pics of a friend's new baby, all those memories come rushing back, clear as day!  I can't believe that was nearly 2 years ago.  Seriously.  

So much to update on since I've been slacking on posts this month, I don't even know where to begin.

Jocelyn has been talking up a storm, and while putting words together to sort of form sentences, they are mostly phrases that she hears us say than really putting many together herself.  Most of what she says is only understood by mom and dad, or anyone that is around her often enough to figure it out.  She is starting to say words more clearly though and it's really a lot of fun to listen to what she picks up on. :)

She is one super feisty child, but so majorly fun loving and affectionate.  She is very kissy and huggy, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Makes dealing with the feisty a little easier :) lol  And while she still will not talk to a stranger, she will hug someone if they ask for one. :)

We are in the stage right now where possession is a huge deal.  Not just her possessions, but anyone's.   If she knows an object belongs to someone in particular and sees someone else with it, holy moly she is hell bend on taking it from that person and returning it to the owner.  This goes for everything and everyone.  So, imagine when the object belongs to her :)  This is a fun stage! lol  I just feel bad for the other kids, since none of them quite understand the concept of sharing and get upset on both sides.  If you have any super magical hints, I'd love to hear them!  Right now, we're just focusing on not expressing any negative behaviors even though we are upset: ie, pushing, hitting, screaming.  Right now, she still does not hit other kids.  She's just starting to push a little, pushing them back out of her way if they're reaching for something that's hers more than just full on pushing to be mean.  My favorite is when another kid is being aggressive, instead of hitting/pushing back she gets within inches of their face and just screams. lol  I have to admit, it's a little bit funny and I'm proud she's not being physical but I obviously cannot encourage this behavior either.

Fortunately, she is really good at saying "sorry" and giving hugs.  Also fortunate, that we're not dealing with this super often. 

Our biggest struggles right now are bed time and eating.  I don't think eating is ever going to get any better, she is just a super picky child as I was.  This is where I say, I don't know how my mom did it.  Holy smokes.  The anxiety over her not eating all the food groups or different color veggies or everything organic that I try to cook for her.  All the wasted money & food, but more importantly I can't say I'm really sure how she's still growing and still so chubby at that :) lol The child doesn't eat. 

Bedtime.  Well, she sleeps awesome through the night, she's always been an awesome sleeper.  Our issue is that it takes her 1-2 hours to fall asleep.  Lately, when Mike puts her down she doesn't fight it.  She lays down without tossing/turning or playing around and it takes him NO time at all.  It's really pretty frustrating for me.  A friend of ours just suggested that he put her to bed every night until she is just used to the routine.  I think that is the perfect solution actually, it will get her adjusted to getting down to business and not fighting it.  Maybe in a couple of weeks when I try again, she'll just have it down.  Not so sure Mike will be game :)  We shall see.

Mike surprised me on Easter, we had a little talk about having #2.  I had no idea, but apparently he's been ready to have another one!!!  I've been saying we would visit the topic when Jocelyn turned 3, until then we were happy with just 1.  How did I not know?? lol  And he would probably kill me for airing that news on the web. :)    Anyway, I say that to say this:  I need Jocelyn to get to bed in less than 30 minutes before I bring along a newborn.  There is just NO way this is going to work out with a new baby.  So hopefully we get this all worked out soon.  That and potty training.

So potty training:  Is actually going pretty awesome.  When we are at home and she can run around naked, she's actually gone to sit on her potty all by herself to do her business without any prompting.  When she's wearing a diaper, she tells me and we have to go sit on the big potty.  We are definitely not super consistent yet and most of this is my fault.  If I could just force myself to stay inside 24/7 for at least a week, I'm pretty sure she'll be fully potty trained.  But this weather has just been awesome, so we've been spending all of our time outside. 

Sorry this was so super long.  Just wanted to post an update!!

Couple more posts coming tonight =)

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