Friday, May 11, 2012

Our Little Man Made Beach

So, we have this beautiful park just like 2 miles from our house in a new(ish) development.  This development is supposed to appeal to the super successful, young, yuppies in Utah, tripling the population of our town.  The houses sit on top of each other and there is a quaint little shopping and dining area within walking distance of the residential areas.  There is a 65 acre park/lake there that has a 2.5 mile walking loop with multiple bridges that cross over this lake.  There is a boating area, fishing area and 2 parks along with a couple of "beaches".  Here's the best part of it all:  You're not allowed to be in the water. =) =) =)  SO, you tell me the purpose of having a beach if you're not allowed to dip your toes in.  And you tell me HOW on earth you're supposed to keep a kid OUT of the water???  Pretty much impossible, so we will no longer be visiting this "beach".  Freaks me out that there are like nasty chemicals in the water or something, why else would they prohibit residents/visitors from wading?   Oh, this is where our gymnastics center is.

Anyway, before I realized this, Jocelyn and I went to visit our little beach a couple days ago and before I realized you're not allowed in the water, I totally let her play in it.  I got a couple of really cute pictures and wanted to share.

I just discovered a reservoir not too far from us, so from now on we will be sticking to splash pads and also visit this reservoir.

It is a little bit crazy how much I love and adore this feisty little 3 ft being.  I almost can't even imagine bringing another one into this world.  Like it somehow won't be fair to her.  It hasn't even happened yet and I already feel guilty about having to divide my attention in the future.  And while I've always wanted 3 kids, it's just so perfect right now with just one.  She's my perfect little baby (errr, toddler) and I would never, in a million years, trade her personality for a different one, even if would be easier.  She is SO much stinkin' fun and really, for as feisty as she is, pretty obedient.  More so with daddy, but you know....that's something mommy has to work on :) lol  I actually have a lot of anxiety about having another one, not because I'm afraid I can't handle it....but because I feel bad for J.  And my heart is SO full with just her.  I know that my heart will grow and make equal amounts of room for each child, but it's just so hard to imagine since I don't know first hand.

AND I can't believe how fast she's growing up!!  *sniff sniff*

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ana priscila said...

Sylvia, I felt exactly the way you describe feeling when it was just Olivia and I. It was really perfect, and I couldn't imagine having another child, or if I did, I felt guilty. I didn't know that I could love anyone this much, and I didn't think it was even possible to replicate that with any future children. But it's totally possible! Ha! Emma Lulú is incredible, as Olivia continues to be. :)