Monday, December 5, 2011

Party in the Dressing Room!

The back story: We were in the Dino Room (playroom) at the mall, and Jocelyn found this little boy at the top of the slide and decided he needed a big wet one. So they kissed at the top of the slide. He went down, she followed and they decided they needed to kiss again at the bottom of the slide! You GUYS. Baby kisses are all wet & slobbery, the germ factor was killing me. Anyway, this little boy and Jocelyn kept following each other around. They kept hugging & kissing (lip to lip) the entire time we were there! It really was ridiculously cute though, and of course I forgot my camera and my phone is super blurry for any action shots. Anyway, this family ended up at the same dept store as us. The little boy must have spotted me heading into the dressing room and Jocelyn was laying on the floor looking out at him from under the door & giggling, so then..... well you can see the rest :) LOL SOOOOO FUNNY!!!

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