Saturday, December 3, 2011

Not a fan!!

Of molars, that is (and convertible carseats, keep reading). Seriously, these molars have been killer. She's not really a great teether to begin with (poor baby :( ), but molars are a whole different story. I just feel so bad when I see her gnawing on her poor little chubby, raw fingers. Fortunately, we've only had 2 nights of interrupted sleep.

I actually came on to blog about parenting issues, but totally had to throw in how much I'm not enjoying molars ;) SO. Moving on.

I realized yesterday, it hit me in the middle of the day, that I've become one of those parents that gives their child whatever they want just because it's easier. I don't do it because it's easier per say, but I can't stand to hear her cry. The crying just makes me feel bad and I always justify it by thinking well, it's not actually hurting her to have that. I don't want her to turn into this enormous brat just because I can't say no every time she pouts. She totally knows how to work me. Tonight Mike set his foot down at dinner and she got all pouty and instantly started to behave. Then she slowly looked up at me and smiled. OMG, it is SOOOOOOOOOO hard not to laugh!!!!!!!!! I think we need Mike to be home more so he can set his foot down when mommy can't, though I know really I just need to step it up and not allow her to get away with so much. I keep saying she just doesn't understand anything yet, but really, she's going to go her entire life without understanding why we say no to a gazillion things and that is why we are the parents. To make judgement calls that she can't possibly understand until she's older, and all for her benefit. Plus, I know that she really does understand a lot already and is such a smarty. So poor thing (and mommy) are just gonna be miserable for a little while, because I'm gonna have to start putting my foot down to say no. I guess she's just gonna have to scream until she realizes mommy's not giving in. Wish me luck, that is way easier said than done.

Speaking of screaming. WHY DO BIGGER CARSEATS NOT COME WITH CANOPIES?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is my newest, biggest pet peeve. Jocelyn cannot stand the sun to be in her eyes and my car does not have tinted windows. She screams bloody murder when the sun is in her eyes and this, I've come to realize, I cannot handle. The high pitched, ear piercing scream in enclosed spaces. Holy Mother of God. I want to shoot the manufacturers of convertible carseats. I actually pulled over in someone's driveway, stuck a blanket in the window and drove around with a huge blindspot in my newly ghettofied car. AND? I totally didn't care. It was better than the screaming. Plus, who can blame her?? I don't like the sun in my eyes either! I have those little window shades to put in the back, but really? Those things are worthless. Firstly, they're constantly falling down. Secondly, they're SQUARE! So if you're not driving an SUV, then I guess it's supposed to magically cover your perfectly unsquare windows.

That is all.

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