Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miss Demanding

Our little bundle of joy has quite the personality! She's really a lot of fun and sleeps well, but boy when she wants something she's sure to let you know :) lol She grunts because she's mad or frustrated and it makes me laugh every time! Then she continues with kicking her feet. I feel bad because I have to quickly figure out what it is that she wants/needs, but it's still hysterical. Should I be worried about the toddler and teen years to come? ;)

We were given this ergo baby carrier by friend Amy (THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!). Jocelyn and I both LOVE it!!

My cutie pie!

Giraffe soothing sounds stuffed animal aunt Georgia sent on her pack n play. Love it!! And her first puppy stuffed animal that daddy found and bought in the hospital gift shop when she was just a few hours old :)

Daddy multi-tasking. lol Poor baby doesn't look very comfy, but she obviously didn't mind!

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Lizzie Fish said...

she is SO beautiful sylvia!!! and you have truly spectacular cleavage - yay for not buying formula!!! =) =)